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Midnight Mania! Madame Tussauds unveils wax statue of McGregor, and it looks like death

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Thanks to the NY Daily News, I now know this exists: A wax statue of Conor McGregor. It looks as if the artist were looking at a UFC video game rendering of McGregor, instead of the man himself. The statue was unveiled today at Dublin’s National Wax Museum.

Perhaps I shouldn’t hate. It is, after all, not the worst sculpture made in an athlete’s honor.

McGregor joined his friend and fellow rich athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo, as fellow celebrities with awful sculptures in their honor.

They absolutely nailed that sculpture #ronaldostatue #ronaldofan #ronaldo #ronaldofans #ronaldofilm

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Speaking of McGregor, here he is speaking on Malignaggi’s weak mind, his coaches, and his baby son.

Why? What purpose does this serve?

This narration is beyond funny. Hey, he asked for it.

I keep telling you all to bet money on The Money Team.

Dana White is happy.

King Mo’s insight on the smaller gloves is not as optimistic for McGregor

This referee is known for letting boxers get rough in the clinch

Max Holloway is just here to point out inconsistencies in the narrative

This is why Khabib can’t fight Ferguson for the interim lightweight title- he suplexed too many bears and gave himself a hernia

A timeless Anderson Silva greeting

This is a great matchup. Matt Brown against Diego Sanchez has potential to be awesome.

Slips, Rips, and Slick Clips

Tony Ferguson’s fights are never not entertaining

Edson Barboza fought him on short notice and the whole thing was a highlight reel

So was his war with Lando Vannata

Kevin Lee ladies and gentlemen

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