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Georges St-Pierre: I’m not scared of Tyron Woodley ... I’m scared of all my opponents

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When he realized he lost out on the opportunity to fight Georges St-Pierre next because of his lackluster performance against Demian Maia at UFC 214, Tyron Woodley wasn’t too disappointed. According to “The Chosen One,” his hopes weren’t that high to begin with, feeling St-Pierre is in no “Rush” to catch a beating — and a concussion — from his heavy hands.

It’s a claim St-Pierre finds hilarious, revealing on a recent episode of “The MMA Hour“ that he isn’t afraid of just the current Welterweight champion, but he’s actually scared of all his opponents.

“I feel a little bit for the guy even though he has not been very nice to me because everybody wants money,” St-Pierre said in regard to Dana White’s criticism of his recent bout. “They all want the money fight. He wants me to turn my eyes toward him, but from my point of view, I’m not scared of Tyron Woodley. It’s more, there is more to gain fighting Michael Bisping than Tyron Woodley for me right now.”

That said, St-Pierre says he is open to fighting “The Chosen One” down the rode.

“Maybe after if I fight Bisping and UFC wants me, maybe I fight Woodley. But, as it is now, they want me to fight Whittaker,” he added.

It’s in the contract!

St-Pierre has always been open about the nerves he feels before he steps into the cage, and he isn’t afraid to reveal that he feels a little scared before facing each of his foes.

“So, I’m not scared. Scared makes me laugh when people say I’m scared. I’m scared actually to fight everyone,” he added. “I’m always scared when I’m about to fight, but even though I’m scared, I’m still gonna bite on my mouthpiece and do the walk. I don’t care about my feelings. I just do it regardless.”

As far as Woodley’s title defense over Maia, St-Pierre says he was a bit impressed with the champ’s performance; however, he could've done a bit more to make the fight exciting to the public eye.

“But, it’s just I feel a little bit for the guy. He did a great job. Though the fight was a little boring because I think he should have gone a little bit more offense trying to hurt Demian more.”

Still, St-Pierre -- who will face Michael Bisping at UFC 217 on Nov. 4 — says all of the blame for the underwhelming title fight shouldn’t be places squarely on Woodley’s injured shoulder, saying that it takes two to tango and Maia deserves some of the blame, as well.

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