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Billionaire Maloof brothers place huge $880,000 bet on Floyd Mayweather to beat Conor McGregor

Boxing: Mayweather Media Workout Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas sportsbooks are getting plenty of action ahead of the much-anticipated boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, which is set to pop off inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Aug. 26, 2017.

But, perhaps no one has placed a bigger bet than Joe, Gavin and Phil Maloof, as the billionaire brothers who once owned the Sacramento Kings and Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas put down $880,000 on “Money” to take out “Notorious.”

After initially preferring to remain anonymous, Gavin told the Las Vegas Review Journal that should their bet prove fruitful, all profits -- which will be approximately $160,000 — will got to charity.

“I live down the street from Floyd (in Southern Highlands) and I’ve known him for a lot of years. He’s a good friend of mine,” Gavin said. “Conor McGregor’s great and all the respect in the world to Dana White and the UFC. But, it’s very difficult to transplant an MMA fighter to boxing.

“McGregor’s much younger and he hits hard, but he’s going against the best boxer ever,” he added. “I just don’t see it. Floyd’s the best counter puncher to ever live. You can’t hit Floyd. He’s too quick.”

At the time the wager was placed, Mayweather came in at -550, but has since moved to -575 after the large wager. Furthermore, the single bet placed had to be broken down to a couple of separate wagers of $440,000 to comply with casino regulations at South Point sportsbooks of not allowing a single payout to surpass $1 million.

Most aren’t giving “Notorious” much of a chance when he steps into the ring against perhaps the greatest boxer of this generation, which leads many to believe that plenty of charities will be rolling in the cash come Sunday morning.

Should, “Notorious” manage to clip “Money,” however, the Maloof brothers will be out nearly $1 million smackers.

Mind boggling.

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