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Daniel Cormier: ‘Jon Jones and I will fight again’

UFC 214  Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Daniel Cormier isn't going anywhere.

The former UFC light heavyweight champ spoke for the first time since his devastating loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214, breaking down his emotions since losing his belt to a man many consider his nemesis on The MMA Hour.

"I feel like my coaches, I felt like they had done such a tremendous job of preparing me for this particular event," he said. "And for me to not be able to get the job done, that’s where I think a lot of my sadness came from. Obviously I was disappointed with the fight, but I felt bad for the people closest to me, because I felt like they had invested so much and had done so much to prepare me, and I was ready to go.”

Cormier doesn't remember much about how the fight went, the result of a bad concussion that will likely keep him out for a while. But "DC" has no plans on retiring from the sport.

"Why would I stop fighting?” Cormier asked. “I feel like I still love the competition more than anything. That’s really what’s driving me. When I don’t have competition, I’m not in something like that, I’m miserable, man. I love to compete. I love to be in the environment. Not only am I going to fight again, but I do believe that Jon Jones and I will fight again. So, of course I have a desire to fight, and I believe that him and I will compete again before it’s all said and done.”

“I don’t know exactly what path leads back to a fight with Jones, but I anticipate he’ll be the champion. And I don’t believe anyone else in this division can compete with me. So, after I win enough fights, I believe that we’ll fight again. Also, we make money together, and when you make money together, the UFC is usually pretty open to making those matches.”

Many speculated that Cormier might move back up to heavyweight, where he competed successfully for years under the Strikeforce banner. But it sounds like Daniel is still a man driven by the desire to be called the best, and that road leads him back to Jon Jones.

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