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Mayweather camp: Paulie Malignaggi sparring video is ‘trash,’ actually exposed Conor McGregor

Everyone, it seems, have their own interpretation as to what exactly they saw once the video of Conor McGregor sparring with former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi were finally released, especially when it comes the highly-debated knock down vs. push down clip.

Now, a member of the “Money” team has chimed in on the video evidence, as Jeff Mayweather tells Fight Hub TV that the sparring videos exposed “Notorious”

“That’s part of the politics of boxing, it’s also part of salesman and the build up of everything,” via Bloody Elbow. “Realistically, by showing that much of what Conor’s doing, they actually exposed what he’s capable of. It’s worse, because he’s fighting a Paulie that’s out of shape,” said Jeff. “The most important thing was the part they thought they were showing, was the fact that he got knocked down. But even by adding that clip, it actually looked worse, because everything else that happened in between that looked like trash.”

Furthermore, Mayweather says Conor needs to realize sparring with Paulie and fighting Floyd are two totally different beasts.

“You got to realize, Paulie didn’t come back to boxing to box again. He didn’t do it like Floyd did. Plus, Paulie is not Floyd,” he said. “Watching (even a longer clip) means nothing. No matter what he did to Paulie, he’s not going to do to Floyd.”

Of course, with the possibility of fighting in smaller gloves, Conor believes the odds shift ever in his favor.

Time will tell.

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