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Midnight Mania! McGregor’s rubber arms, press conference highlights and reaction

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Conor McGregor Media Workout Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

This is going to be a little different. There was so much gold from the press conference today. McGregor’s rubber arms, Ido Portal saying Mayweather’s movement is limited, Conor giving such incredibly convincing answers, discussing Malignaggi... and, of course, we get to the non-Conor stuff eventually. Those sick of this McGregor-Mayweather stream can just skip down past it.

Ido Portal claiming Mayweather has limited movement is just so great.

Conor says Malignaggi, or possibly Showtime, has the footage of the “knockdown.” He spins a very different tale than Paul did.

McGregor has his finger in every revenue stream for this fight

Conor has so much confidence.

Esther Lin is one dedicated photographer

Dedication pays off

Does this refer to total number of punches thrown in round 12, all rounds, or the potential punch differential? It will take approximately 100 punches a round for a pressuring gameplan against Mayweather. That’s what Maidana did in Mayweather’s closest professional fight.

This entrance was dramatic and it only got better from there

The McGregor arm swinging was fun but the internet reacting was the best

He may swing his arms like a rubber man for a warm-up, but Monkey D Luffy Conor McGregor is not. These aren’t exactly Gatling gun punches.

Who are we, mere mortals, to decide what is and what is not boxing.

McGregor looked tired against the bag, but resolute

Let the hands fly, Conor! No, let them FLY! Okay, not... now let them FLY! Conor, no, but really, LET the combos FLY! SET YOUR HANDS FREE! LET THEM GO! LET THEM ACT INDEPENDENTLY OF YOUR BODY AND FLOAT FREE FROM YOUR SHOULDERS IN THE ACT OF PUNCHING!!! No... no... okay. All right. Just keep doing whatever you are doing.

Bruce Lee shit, indeed.

The real lesson of today, and this fight, is Conor milking this dense a media crowd.

Where is Mayweather to shout “HARD WORK” when you need him

Jeff Mayweather has an interesting (and dismissive) take on McGregor

Bobs and Weaves

Finally, some non-McGregor content for all of you sick of the circus. This is actually serious: Javier Vazquez has cancer and if you can help out, by all means do it.

Stephan Bonnar getting wild

Jim Miller’s disinterest in fighting in NY is a bad sign of things to come for that state. He joins Jon Jones in fighters who don’t care to fight there again, because of high taxes and commission blunders.

Congratulations to TJ Dillashaw and his girl

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

This is part of what makes MMA great

This referee is the definition of extra

Hell of a bow

Such skill in landing leg kicks

Get the whole YAMMA Pit Fighting Experience instead of sleeping tonight:

Quick Hits

Random Land

Someone hacked Mike Pence’s website and it is golden


Stay woke, Maniacs!

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