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Joe Rogan explains why he interviewed Daniel Cormier after his UFC 214 loss in latest podcast

MMA: UFC 192-Cormier vs Gustafsson Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Rogan has expanded on his controversial decision to interview Daniel Cormier in the cage after his violent UFC 214 knockout at the hands of Jon Jones. The short two-question interview wasn't even over before people started attacking him for thinking it was a good idea, and he agreed with everyone the next morning on Instagram, saying it 'was 100 percent my f**k up.'

On the following Joe Rogan Experience podcast with guest Eddie Bravo, he expanded on comments he'd made in his Instagram apology about being in shock.

“You gotta realize when a KO like that happens in a world championship fight and you’re standing in the Octagon, you’re surrounded by all these people screaming and cheering. The f**king noise is so loud. It’s hard to figure out what the f**k is happening.”

“I went to go talk to him and literally as I’m going to talk to him, he’s turning to me and I have the microphone. I’m like, why am I interviewing him after he got knocked out? What the f**k is wrong with me? I didn’t even realize what I was doing. I was in shock almost. I went on instinct.”

Rogan has spoken out in the past about his dislike for interviewing losing fighters that have been knocked out in the past, going so far as to say last September that he'd never do it again. It sounds like he's doubling down on that position moving forward.

“It was just me thinking, ‘Why did I do that? Why did I interview him?’ I shouldn’t have interviewed him even though we used to do it for every fight. It was the right move to stop doing it and ironically it was my idea.”

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