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TUF 25 Finale results: Fired up Drakkar Klose splits Marc Diakiese to remain undefeated

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Powell vs Klose Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Undefeated Lightweight prospects Marc Diakiese and Drakkar Klose clashed tonight at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 25: “Redemption” Finale (July 7, 2017) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, airing live on FOX Sports 1.

The uber-athletic Diakese was coming off a sensational knockout win and had long been tapped for great things in the crowded 155-pound division. Klose, besides having a name suited for a Bavarian vampire hunter, had one UFC win. And the pair had generated some heat at the weigh ins, so this fight was poised to be a fun one, which is exactly how it shook out. Both fighters had good moments in a well-matched contest, with Klose eventually taking a split decision after three rounds of action.

Klose opened with a leg kick. Diakiese attempted a high spinning kick. They exchanged wildly and Klose ducked under and took Marc down easily. Diakiese got back up, but Drakkar held him against the cage, throwing foot stomps. When he tried a body knee, however, Diakiese timed it and swept him, putting him firmly on his back. Klose got back up, and Diakiese lifted him and returned him to the mat. Klose worked his way up again, using the cage to keep Marc from taking his back. Diakiese picked him up in a straight up WWE-style RKO and slammed him hard, but immediately lost position.

He scrambled back up and they traded turns pushing each other against the cage. Diakiese got his back off the cage and landed a combination. Klose threw a low leg kick that dropped Marc clean to his back! Drakkar takes top position, landing hard elbows from half guard. Diakiese gets his attention with a heel hook attempt. Klose folds his hands behind his head to show his lack of concern, but gives up top position, which Diakiese keeps until the round ends.

Diakese came out with a hard overhand. When Klose attempted a leg kick, he leapt above it and threw a high switch kick that just missed. Klose pushed him to the cage, pinning him there with an underhook. They traded knees there until Diakiese worked free. They traded kicks in the center of the cage. Klose caught a kick and took Diakiese down briefly, but let him back up. Diakiese, now in southpaw, stepped in with an elbow. they clinched and Diakiese pinned Drakkar to the cage, but was interrupted by the referee for a low knee. Drakkar didn’t take his full five minutes, eager to get back in action. Klose went to his favorite clinch position with the foot stomps. Diakiese threw a switch knee, then connected on a right hand. He attempted a spinning wheel kick and laid on his back for a minute, attempting upkicks. When he got back up, Klose dropped him with another calf kick!

Diakiese countered a leg kick with a hook to open the final frame. He connected with a nice switch kick to the head and Klose raised his hands, taunting him. Klose drove in for a takedown, but Marc fought him off. In southpaw, he landed a left straight to the body. The commentators noted that he had been instructed by his corner that he needed a finish, and to go to the body until he got one. Klose got a great takedown, but Klose caught his head in a choke and reversed him. Klose scrambled back up, looking to avoid being slammed again. Diakiese worked from a body lock, landing a high kick off the break. Klose closed the distance immediately and pinned him against the cage. Diakiese pushed off the cage. Klose connected with a right hook. He raised his hands wide, taunting Diakiese again with a minute on the clock. Diakiese attempted a spinning heel kick that was blocked. He put himself against the cage, hoping to bait Klose in, but Klose threw a body kick. Diakiese reversed another takedown with a headlock, but could get nothing going. They traded blows to end the evenly matched contest.

Klose shouted in excitement as his name was called for the split decision win. The crowd was booing as he was being interviewed. He opened with, “no disrespect to Michael Bisping, but all English dudes are bums”. He said it wasn’t the best fight, but he had to shut up Diakiese, then shouted out his coaches at the MMA Lab.

Final result: Drakkar Klose def. Marc Diakiese by split decision (29-28x2, 29-28)

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