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GIF: Here’s what it’s like to have your leg destroyed by Rousimar Palhares

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight bad boy Rousimar Palhares returned to mixed martial arts (MMA) on Friday (July 7, 2017) in the main event of Fight Nights Global 70, taking Alexei Ivanov to the floor and making him squeal like a pig inside FSK sports center in Ulan-Ude, Russia.

At least he broke the hold.

Palhares (19-8) snapped a two-fight losing streak with the submission win in what marks his first victory since being kicked out of World Series of Fighting (WSOF), the since-reinvented combat sports promotion after being banned from the Octagon.

Can’t imagine why.

“Toquinho” now holds 16 submissions in 19 wins (with zero knockouts) with 10 of them coming by way of heel hook. Long considered a menace on the jiu-jitsu circuit, the Brazilian has worked tirelessly to clean up his image.

He continues to get work, but at age 37, there’s little chance we’ll see him back in the states before calling it a career.