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Video: Gabi Garcia uncorks illegal soccer kick, decapitates tiny opponent in Japan

Skip to 2:45 if you’re just here for the violence.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Gabi Garcia is larger than most female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters. Heck, she’s larger than most male fighters, so matching her up can be a daunting task.

Unless she fights in Japan, where anything is possible (and we love them for it).

Garcia (4-0) fought 45-year-old Megumi Yabushita on Friday in a heavyweight showdown as part of the 2017 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup inside Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan, and landed an illegal soccer kick that resulted in a no contest.

Garcia can redeem herself with a second fight at the upcoming RIZIN FF event on July 29 inside Saitama Super Arena, also in Japan. That’s where the hulking Brazilian will battle Russian boxer Oksana Gagloeva under MMA rules.

Gagloeva will be making her MMA debut.

As for Garcia, when she’s not recycling cans overseas, she can be seen training with fellow female power-puncher Cris Cyborg.

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