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TUF 25 Finale live stream results: 'Johnson vs Gaethje' play-by-play updates

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

After 12 long weeks, season 25 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) has finally wrapped, leaving us with the 170-pound finale pitting top finalists Dhiego Lima and Jesse Taylor, both on a quest for “Redemption” inside the cage.

In addition, the headlining act will see undefeated Justin Gaethje, who rose to power under the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) banner, make his Octagon debut opposite lightweight contender Michael Johnson.

The mixed martial arts (MMA) action takes place this Friday night (July 7, 2017) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, airing LIVE on FOX Sports 1 with select “Prelims” on UFC Fight Pass.

Let the good times roll! will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire TUF 25 Finale fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. ET, and then the remaining undercard balance on FOX Sports 1 at 7 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 9 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following "Johnson vs. Gaethje."

Without further delay, see below for the latest TUF 25 Finale results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Michael Johnson vs. Justin Gaethje — Justin Gaethje def. Michael Johnson via TKO (strikes) at 4:48 in round two
Dhiego Lima vs. Jesse Taylor — Jesse Taylor def. Dhiego Lima via submission (RNC) at 0:43 in round two
Marc Diakiese vs. Drakkar Klose — Drakkar Klose def. Marc Diakiese via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Jared Cannonier vs. Nick Roehrick — Final result: Cannonier def. Roehrick via TKO (strikes) at 2:08 in round three
Brad Tavares vs. Elias Theodorou — Final result: Tavares def. Theodorou via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Marcel Fortuna vs. Jordan Johnson — Final result: Johnson def. Fortuna via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Tom Gallicchio vs. James Krause — Final result: Krause def. Gallicchio via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27, 30-27)
Angela Hill vs. Ashley Yoder — Final result: Hill def. Yoder via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27
C.B. Dollaway vs. Ed Herman — Final result: Dollaway def. Herman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)
Jessica Eye vs. Aspen Ladd
Teruto Ishihara vs. Gray Maynard — Maynard def. Ishihara via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)
Juliana Lima vs. Tecia Torres — Final result: Torres def. Lima via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:53 in round two


155 lbs.: Michael Johnson vs. Justin Gaethje

Round 1: Johnson (the black man) in blue trunks, Gaethje (the white man) in white. No glove touch here either. They trade leg kicks and Johnson rattles Gaethje with a left. Justin recovers and they both start trading leather. Shots landing for both men. Johnson is definitely the faster man, but Gaethje just keeps walking forward and is landing heavy shots. Great knee from Gaethje. Johnson strikes back and gets out of dodge. Leg kick Gaethje and a counter punch from Michael. Gaethje is keeping the pressure on, he’s eating some punches, but hitting shots back. This is the way he loves to fight. Big body punch from Gaethje. Johnson has been landing well, but he’s circling along the fence and letting Gaethje pound on that lead leg. Nice lefts from both men. Johnson is wading Gaethje on, but that may not be a good idea. Johnson’s standing in here and landing quite a few of his own, but whoever’s chin cracks first is most likely going to come soon. 90 seconds to go. Two right hands from Gaethje. Clinch and a pair of knees from each man. Gaethje with another and an elbow. Another heavy leg kick and a right from Gaethje, and yet another leg kick. Huge right hand wobbles Gaethje! Johnson with a takedown and is going after him. Johnson with uppercuts. Knees. I think he may have stole that round at the end!

10-9 Johnson

Round 2: Definitely a Gaethje fight. Leg kicks from Gaethje and nice counters from Johnson. Gaethje keeps attacking the lead leg. Jab lands for Gaethje. Johnson goes to the body twice. Another right wobbles Gaethje badly. Johnson pressures him to the cage and stupidly lets Gaethje recover. Elbows from both men. Gaethje uses a Thai clinch to land a knee and break free. Gaethje is looking a lot slower now after having been rocked multiple times. Good shots to the body from Johnson. Gaethje lands a right. Johnson nearly falls over missing a right hand. Gaethje pressuring forward, but not landing much now. There’s a nice jab. Liver punch from Michael. Justin rocks him with an uppercut. Another huge one. Boetschesque standing uppercuts. Johnson falls to the ground and Gaethje walks away to let him back up. Right from Johnson. Leg kick staggers Johnson. Flying knee hits MJ. Gaethje unloading and he stops Michael Johnson with a knee to the head! Wow! Dropped twice and Gaethje recovers to obliterate Michael Johnson in the second round!

Final result: Justin Gaethje def. Michael Johnson via TKO (strikes) at 4:48 of rd 2.

170 lbs.: Dhiego Lima vs. Jesse Taylor

Round 1: Taylor in the light blue, Lima in the darker blue... Taylor is quite pale, Lima is a tan gentleman. This is the Taylor gameplan - close and grapple. He lands the takedown and is working with all his weight on Lima. He grabs a neck, but can’t hold position, so he bails on it to maintain the top. He gets it again, and it looks a bit closer, but Lima spins out of it. He’s still on the bottom and J.T. is dumping occasional ground n pound in between looking for submissions. Lima is a little busted up as Taylor ends the round GNP’ing right in front of his cornermen.

10-9 Taylor

Round 2: Lima gets in a nice counter left that drops Taylor, and Lima pounces on Taylor. That was a mistake as Taylor almost immediately escapes out the back, reverses the position and has the back of Lima. He’s fishing for the RNC and this looks like his best one yet. It’s under the chin and Lima can’t find the hands to rip them off. Lima taps and Jesse Taylor is your TUF 4219 winner.

Final result: Jesse Taylor def. Dhiego Lima via submission (rear naked choke) in round two

155 lbs.: Marc Diakiese vs. Drakkar Klose

Round 1: Diakiese in red, Klose in blue. No touch of gloves here. Klose with two low kicks. Diakiese misses with a wheel kick. Klose ducks under and gets in a takedown. Marc wall walks and is up without any damage. Klose with foot stomps and a knee. Diakiese reverses a Klose knee and now he’s on top in quarter guard. Klose stands up, but the Brit has his back. Diakiese with a takedown, but Klose is up immediately. Diakiese trying hard to get a hook in, but eating elbows to that leg for his trouble. He bails on that and decides to choke slam him instead! Klose back up in an instant again. They’re back to the clinch. Foot stomps from Klose. They break and Diakiese with a left. Head kick. Heavy leg kick buckles Diakiese and he falls to his butt. Klose on top and raining down the ground and pound. Klose postures down into half guard and is working on keeping the position. Diakiese with a heel hook attempt that he’s not close to finishing. Klose posturing that he’s in no danger, but Marc uses the moment to get on top.

10-9 Klose

Round 2: Diakiese limping a little. Jump kick to counter the leg kick from Klose. Clinch into the cage and Klose is maintaining control. Klose kicking the feet and shins of Diakiese. They separate. Klose continuing the attack on the base of Diakiese. Klose eats a kick but gets the takedown. Scramble for a leg and Diakiese gets back up. Klose with a bit of a Diaz taunt then kicks the leg again. Jump kick from Klose, but Diakiese gets in a clinch against the cage this time, and uses this advantage to knee Klose right in the pills. The ref stops it and lets Klose restart it. Body kick from Klose and a clinch up against the fence. Back to the foot stomps. Diakiese with the separation and more kicks from both men. Brian Stann is commenting on the slowing down of Diakiese due to the leg attacks from Klose. Marc misses a spin kick and Klose takes out the base. Diakiese gets up, punches Klose, but gets the leg kicked out from under him again.

10-9 Klose

Round 3: Now there’s a touch of gloves. Jumping switch kick lands to the jaw of Klose about 20 seconds in. Now a left hand. Klose ducks another one and goes to clinch. Diakiese manages to break out and hit another punch. Klose tries to clinch again, but Diakiese is successful at staying up and separated again. Good opening ninety seconds for Marc Diakiese here. Klose with a nice right hand, then ducks under to hit a double. Diakiese uses a guillotine to reverse and he’s on top. Klose with some amazing balance to stay upright as Diakiese is working hard for a slam. He can’t get the takedown, so he wisely separates and goes for a head kick. It doesn’t land. Klose wades forward and gets a clinch. Right hand from Klose. More Diaz posturing. Spinning heel kick gets blocked. Marc backs himself to the fence a bit, eats a kick to the ribs. They clinch and Diakiese is trying everything as he pulls guard. That didn’t work, but it was worth a shot. They’re back up. Klose fails on a single leg at the end.

10-9 Diakiese

Final result: Drakkar Klose def. Marc Diakiese via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

205 lbs.: Jared Cannonier vs. Nick Roehrick

Round 1: Roehrick, the late replacement fighting on 3-days notice, is the white guy in blue trunks. Cannonier is the black guy in black trunks. Roehrick with a nice punch to open the contest. Also a double jab later in the opening minute. Cannonier with a jab, then a 1-2. Roehrick gets in a nice counter right. Jared with two solid right hands. Another. Head kick. The left side of Roehrick’s face must have a huge bullseye in Cannonier’s mind, because he’s going after it with a vengeance. Nick hits a right hand. The action slows a little. Body-head from Cannonier. Roehrick gets one back. They both swing and miss. Then they trade jabs. Uppercut and a right from Nick. Right hand from Cannonier, but he turns his back on the exit, and Roehrick latches on to him. Jared spins and fights it off.

10-9 Cannonier on power.

Round 2: Jabs from both men early on. Leg kick and a quick punch from Cannonier. He’s evading most of Roehrick’s punches. Jared flurries now and lands multiple heavy shots in quick succession. Roehrick gets in a couple left hands. Big power punch from Cannonier and he takes down Roehrick. Roehrick has a hell of a chin, and heart for days, but he’s on the wrong way of most of this traffic.Lots of bish and bosh from both men here, but neither landing the clean shot. That’s a nice right hand from Roehrick. Elbow from Jared and a clinch as he backs up Nick into the cage. Thudding jab from Cannonier.

10-9 Cannonier

Round 3: Roehrick goes to the body and lands. Jared parries three combos in a row as he’s got the timing down on the slightly slower man. Left’s from both. Clinch and a break. Staggering head kick from Cannonier. Eats a left hand. And a right. This might be it. Cannonier takes him down, and starts landing elbows. He pins Roehrick’s upper arm down and starts raining down elbows on him and John McCarthy stops the fight before much more damage can accrue.

Final result: Jared Cannonier def. Nick Roehrick via TKO (strikes) at 2:08 of round three

185 lbs.: Brad Tavares vs. Elias Theodorou

Round 1: Evening gents and gentettes, Senor Braiterman here to take over for Mr. Richardson. Tavares in the black trunks (a very tan gentleman with short hair), Theodorou in red (braided hair). Elias coming in with multiple quick kicks. Leg, body, leg and body again. Tavares gets in a nice counter right. Takedown from Tavares with a nice level change. Theodorou scrambles a bit, gets a single leg of his own and uses it to stand. Nice leg kick from Tavares. The Canadian with a head kick, partially blocked, but noisy. They clinch as Theodorou tries a takedown, but is stuffed. Dirty boxing. The Hawaiian with a nice right. Theodorou gets in a combo, but eats a counter hook. Tavares punches forward and Elias ducks down to try a takedown, but Brad has heavy hips and they’re stuck in a clinch. Right hand from Tavares and a right foot from Theodorou. Body kick lands for Tavares. He blocks a head kick a few seconds later and gets in an outside leg kick. Body kick from Elias and a right hand from Brad ends the round.

10-9 Tavares on power in a very close round

Round 2: Theodorou with a counter right. Tavares buckles the Canuck’s lead leg with a heavy kick and gets in a right hand shortly thereafter. Tavares misses on a spin and Theodorou gets the back of Tavares. He picks up Brad and gets a takedown, but Tavares is scrambling immediately. Theo is working for a takedown, but his head is in an odd position and Tavares bumps the legs out from under him. The result is Theodorou landing right on his face. He seems unfazed by this and keeps working. Gets in a nice uppercut in the clinch. They separate. Tavares gets a low kick caught and is taken down. Briefly. He struggles up, keeping a hand on the mat so he doesn’t get kneed in the head. He does eat a bunch of knees to the shoulder, though. Elias ends the clinch with a nice combo including a good body kick. Theodorou ends a combo with a right hand as Tavares is looking like he’s starting to slow just a little. Leg kick from Tavares. High kick a few seconds later lands, too. Left from Elias at the bell.

10-9 Theodorou in another close round.

Round 3: Theodorou immediately ducks under a Tavares punch and goes for a takedown. Tavares stuffs the first attempt. but Elias is stubborn and goes for another single. He clasps his hands, hoists Tavares and gets him down. Elias not doing much. Punching the leg and trying to maintain the takedown. Nice switch from Tavares and he’s up at the 3:35 mark. They’re up against the cage fishing for underhooks. Elias with a nice takedown, but Brad is continuously scrambling and working. Odd takedown position here, as Tavares is almost on the back despite Theodorou trying the takedown. Finally at about 1:55, he does get the back. Gets one hook, now both hooks in. 90 seconds to go. Tavares looking for the RNC, can’t get under the chin. Theodorou scrambling and might be able to get on top here. Tavares fishing for an arm, now Elias is punching Brad in the butt. Theodorou gets top position. Tavares reverses. Head kick from Tavares. Theodorou gets one back.

10-9 Theodorou, but I’d honestly accept any version of 10-9 for either fighter in all three rounds

Final result: Brad Tavares def. Elias Theodorou via unanimous decision, 29-28 x3

205 lbs.: Marcel Fortuna vs. Jordan Johnson

Round 1: Fortuna lands a nice low kick about 30 seconds into the fight, but Johnson counters by tossing him to the mat. Johnson lands a series of right hands but allows Fortuna to scramble back to his feet. A lot of feints and short punches from both men. Johnson attempts an upward elbow and lands the follow up left hook. Fortuna with a nice right hand, but Johnson answers with a body shot. Johnson misses badly with a right hand but lands in the clinch. Johnson attempts a big throw, but Fortuna grabs the top of the cage to remain upright. Fortuna lands a low kick. Johnson lands a hard jab. Fortuna with a left hook. Fortuna lands a hard uppercut counter, and he’s controlling the center now.

Very close round. I lean towards Fortuna for more accurate and effective striking in the final half of the round.

10-9 Fortuna

Round 2: Fortuna lands a nice body kick on the advancing Johnson. He follows up with a right hand counter. And a jab. Then he cracks Johnson with a hard right hand. Fortuna seems to have his timing down very well. Johnson moves in behind the jab and lands a solid right hand of his own. Fortuna switches to Southpaw and lands a left. Johnson lands a body kick. Fortuna cracks his foe with a left hand and swarms. Johnson stands his ground and returns a hard right hand. Left body kick from Fortuna. Fortuna’s left hook-right uppercut combination lands clean. Hard low kick from the Brazilian. Johnson counters another low kick with a strong right. A flurry from Fortuna causes Johnson to shoot, but it’s stuffed. He switches to a single leg and slams the Brazilian. Fortuna scrambles back to his feet with just seconds remaining.

10-9 Fortuna

Round 3: Johnson opens the third with a nice right hand. Fortuna feints and lands a left hook. Johnson controlling the center and jabbing. He ducks a jab and lands a left hook. Fortuna lands a nice uppercut then swings wildly. Hard jab from the Brazilian. Johnson catches a kick and counters with a nice left hook. 1-2 from Fortuna lands clean. Another right from the Brazilian. Johnson controlling the center and lands a hard uppercut. Fortuna’s volume is fading a bit as Johnson jabs at him. They trade kicks at the bell.

10-9 Johnson

Final result: Johnson def. Fortuna via unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Tom Gallicchio vs. James Krause

Round 1: Krause circles and lands a couple nice counter punches. Gallicchio catches a kick and converts it into a takedown. Krause tries to stand and gives up his back! Krause escapes back to his feet. He lands a left. Then a high kick. Krause is very patiently picking Gallicchio apart. Krause wards off a poor shot and lands another counter cross. More counter crosses. Every time Gallicchio steps forward, he eats a cross. Gallicchio gets whacked by a high kick and smiles. Krause cracks him a few more times before the bell.

10-9 Krause

Round 2: Krause’s control of distance and speed advantage continued to be far too much for Gallicchio. The pattern of Gallicchio running into a cross quickly continued. Gallicchio finally answered with some head movement and a nice overhand, but he didn’t follow it up. The pace slowed a bit, as Gallicchio threw single shots and ran into fewer counters. Nevertheless, Krause kept stabbing at him with straight shots. Gallicchio lands a couple decent shots in the clinch but can’t hold on. “Toothless Tom” threatens to grab the back briefly, but Krause spins away and punches him in the face for good measure.

10-9 Krause

Round 3: Krause steps up the pace and cracks Gallicchio with a nice Krause. Gallicchio shoots from way too far out and can’t accomplish anything. Gallicchio walks into a jab but lands a decent cross. Gallicchio trying to make something happen but just has no success in closing range or landing more than a couple punches. Krause looking for a right uppercut but eats an overhand. Krause with a good left hook, cross, and defended shot. Gallicchio lands a left off a failed takedown. Gallicchio lands his best right hand of the fight then promptly eats another counter punch. Krause wobbles Gallicchio with a clean high kick — and seconds later a clean knee to the jaw — but the Jersey-native is able to survive until the bell.

10-9 Krause

Final result: Krause def. Gallicchio via unanimous decision

115 lbs.: Angela Hill vs. Ashley Yoder

Round 1: Hill controlling the center as the two trade kicks. Hill lands a nice right hand, but Yoder answers with a takedown along the fence. Yoder eventually connects her hands and finishes the shot, but Hill scrambles up to her feet almost immediately. Hill lands a hard knee to the body. Hill lands a nice low kick, slips inside, and scores with an overhand. Yoder trying to maintain distance with kicks but getting out-worked. Hill keeps working the lead leg. Big combination punctuated by a low kick from Hill. Yoder eats a big combination than lands a decent body kick. Hill lands a right hand at the bell.

10-9 Hill

Round 2: Yoder times a single leg perfectly and forces HIll to the mat immediately. From top position, Yoder latches onto a guillotine choke and uses it to pin Hill on her back. Yoder keeping heavy shoulder pressure and trying to pass guard. Hill escapes back to full guard. Hill kicks Yoder off, and the grappler tries to jump onto Hill’s back. Instead, she basically pulls guard. Hill decides to stay on top for a minute and lands some decent shots before the fight returns to the feet. Both women are a bit tired, and the pace slows. Hill lands a nice right hand and body kick in the final seconds of the round.

Close one, but 10-9 Hill for more damage.

Round 3: Hill has a pep in her step to start the third round, but Yoder answers with some kicks. Hill cracks her with a counter right hand. Yoder panics a bit and dives for a single leg takedown. She actually scrambles into decent position, eventually finishing a double leg takedown. Hill jams Yoder’s head into the mat and stands pretty quickly. Yoder is exhausted from the extended wrestling attempts. Hill lands a right. Yoder answers with a 1-2. Hill switches it up to land a nice double leg against the fence. Hill controls for a bit then lets her up. Both women missing a lot as they tire. Hill pressuring but eats a counter left. They both exchange — and mostly miss — at the end of the round.

Another close one. 10-9 Hill

Final result: Hill def. Yoder via unanimous decision

185 lbs.: C.B. Dollaway vs. Ed Herman

Round 1: Herman opens the fight with a massive overhand that surprised Dollaway. The punch definitely hurts, but Dollaway clinches, knees, and lands a big takedown in response. Working from the full guard, Dollaway yanks his way out of some arm bars and drops punches. Herman continues to throw up submissions, but Dollaway moves well and keeps landing. Herman tries to stand but is dragged back down. Dollaway takes the back and moves to side control when Herman turns in. As Herman tries to recover guard, Dollaway threatens with a deep kimura. Herman escapes but is still trapped on his back.

Dominant round from Dollaway outside of the opening 10 seconds.

10-9 Dollaway

Round 2: Dollaway lands a trio of low kicks to open the second round, then lands a high kick. Herman catches a kick and lands a brief takedown. Herman is tired but still throwing heat. Dollaway smacks Herman in the face with some jabs. The fighters exchange right hands. Two minutes into the round, Herman lands a big punch and takes top position. Dollaway attacks with a deep heel hook, but Herman escapes and maintains top position. Hermans looks for an americana that isn’t there. Dollaway hits a reversal at the end of the round, but it’s not enough to erase Herman’s top control.

10-9 Herman

Round 3: The fighters slowly shamble towards each other to start the final round. Dolloway shoots for a slow, slow takedown that nevertheless lands pretty easily. Herman attempts a guillotine, but Dollaway pops his head out pretty easily. Herman attacks with a deep, but Dollaway is just able to scramble out and maintain top control from half guard. Now it’s Dollaway’s turn to hunt for the kimura, but he abandons it to drop elbows. Both men are exhausted and working from the guard. Dollaway working slowly but still landing some hard elbows. Herman pretty content to remain on his back and throw up the occasional arm bar attempt. Herman attempts a knee bar and has decent position, but Dollaway scrambles out and maintains top position.

Not pretty, but Dollaway’s wrestling came up clutch in the third.

10-9 Dollaway

Final result: Dollaway def. Herman via unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Teruto Ishihara vs. Gray Maynard

Round 1: Ishihara touches gloves and doesn’t throw a body kick immediately! Ishihara attempts to time a knee and gives up a takedown in the process. Ishihara wall-walks momentarily, but Maynard throws him back to the mat. Maynard attempts to grab a guillotine and uses the head control to trap Ishihara. At about the halfway point in the round, Ishihara stands, lands some good shots, but gives up another takedown. Maynard tries to take the back after some riding time but Ishihara is able to escape. Maynard looks tired but scores a takedown anyway. Maynard finishes the round on top.

10-9 Maynard.

Round 2: Ishihara gives up another easy takedown off an attempted kick. Ishihara scrambling well back to his feet, but Maynard hanging on tight and continuing to chain takedowns together. This time around, Maynard does a better job of maintaining top position. He lands the occasional chipping shot but nothing significant. Maynard finishes the round with yet another double leg. Complete control from the NCAA All-American, even if he doesn’t manage to do much damage.

10-9 Maynard

Round 3: Maynard ducks an early left hand to score a big double leg. He passes guard and attempts a kimura. Ishihara attempts to kick off the fence but just cannot create any space. Ishihara attempts to scramble into a single leg, which allows Maynard to threaten with a guillotine and force him back to the mat. Ishihara lands an illegal upkick and receives a warning. Maynard just hanging onto Ishihara and yanking him around. Again, Maynard was able to completely control the wrestling, even if it didn’t amount to much actual offense.

10-9 Maynard

Final result: Maynard def. Ishihara via unanimous decision

115 lbs.: Juliana Lima vs. Tecia Torres

Round 1: Torres opens with some pressure but gives up an easy takedown off the clinch. Lima landed a couple good shots from top position, but Torres was able to scramble back to her feet pretty quickly. Torres hangs onto the clinch, and the two trade position and knees from there. A fence grab keeps Lima on her feet, but the referee does nothing about it. Torres pinning her foe against the fence more often than not. Ref splits them up, and Torres returns to her kicks. Lima returns with some low kicks. Torres controlling the center of the cage well, lands a combination, and shoots for a single leg takedown. Lima stops the shot but gives up position along the fence. Torres works in the clinch until the bell in a generally uneventful round.

10-9 Torres

Round 2: Once again, Torres walking her foe down. Lima tries to respond with shots but cannot find her range at all. Whenever Torres steps in with punches, she lands, forcing a reactive high-crotch shot from the Brazilian. Torres spins around brilliantly, taking the back and locking in a choke simultaneously.

The tap comes moments later.

Final result: Torres def. Lima via submission (rear naked choke)

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