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Midnight Mania! Watch Yoel Romero do insane back flip into split; “No Love” a married man

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Yoel Romero may be a quasi-cheater and, alongside Justine Kish, guilty of pooping inside the Octagon, but he’s also one of the most terrifyingly athletic men in the Octagon, and three nights away from potentially winning UFC gold (though Robert “Bobby Knuckles” Whittaker may have something to say about that)

The suspicion surrounding Romero, especially after his six-month ban from what he successfully claimed was a tainted supplement, continue to swirl. However, he has been tested 22 times by USADA.

I’ll admit, I do find Yoel Romero reactions pretty hilarious.


Cody Garbrandt is a married man. “No Love” has found love after all.

They seem so happy together.

Cliff life with @pimsanguan

A post shared by Cody Garbrandt (@cody_nolove) on

For no reason at all, here is UFC Light Heavyweight Patrick Cummins with butterflies on his face.

Valentina Shevchenko’s open workout was pretty crazy too.

Michael Bisping interviewing Robert Whittaker is kind of awkward already, but Bisping, because he is Bisping, doesn’t exactly help things.

Justin Gaethje’s story told in an exceptionally well-done video. He says the brand he is building is violence.

I thought Dana White said the date conflict with Ice Cube and Mayweather-McGregor was fixed, or just about fixed- but not yet, it would seem.

Cris Cyborg won’t lay off Megan Anderson, and says she is even more confident now that she has seen Anderson’s sparring footage.

Happy Fourth of July a day late

Welcome to my life, Mike Perry

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

What Overeem used to be.

What a knockout

Michael Johnson is fighting a guy who leg kicks a lot this weekend

Podcasts and Video

Romero-Whittaker full fight video preview with Flyin Brian J

Nunes-Shevchenko full fight preview with the afore-mentioned Flyin Brian J:

Andrew Richardson breaks down Justin Gaethje’s clinch fighting techniques

... and Michael Johnson’s pressuring

Good Reads

Random Land

MMA Photographer Ryan Loco convinced these people he was serious.

This story about a hamster is pretty amazing

This video will make your evening better. I guarantee it.

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