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New photos reveal surprising suspects in Ronda Rousey burglary case

During a recent appearance on “Live with Kelly & Ryan” — full video here — former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey revealed that she was a victim of a home burglary (details here). And now the names and faces of the alleged perpetrators have been revealed.

According to TMZ, the two people arrested for burglary — which includes the taking of her guns, jewelry, and Olympic medal — are 21-year old Zhamila Bolat and 20-year old Alim Young.

From the report:

TMZ Sports has confirmed ... the two people arrested in connection with the April burglary are 21-year-old Zhamila Bolat and 20-year-old Alim Young. Unclear what Bolat does for a living -- but she posts a lot of selfies on social media ... and she looks pretty smokin' hot for an alleged crook. Young is an avid skateboarder ... with a record. Court records show hes spent some time behind bars after being convicted on grand theft and petty theft charges.

Despite the arrests, they have yet to be formally charged as of this writing.

Maybe they’re better off behind bars as opposed to having to feel the wrath of Travis Browne, who “Rowdy” admitted confronted the individuals shortly after the break in at a local skate park.

Thankfully, no fire or spray paint were involved in this latest crime against a former UFC champion.

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