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Midnight Mania! Mayweather’s supposed trouble with southpaws debunked

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IBF World Championship Boxing Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It is a truism at this point that Floyd Mayweather has “trouble” dealing with southpaws. This is usually brought up in conjunction with Conor McGregor’s chances against him. This fight is big enough that everyone has an opinion, ranging from reasonable to bad or just flat-out biased. Floyd, after all, has managed to remain undefeated against every southpaw he has faced, so how bad can his troubles be?

The following two videos take a deep dive into the issue and bring us clarity:


Is Mayweather shading McGregor’s weird training practices here?

Bikram Yoga #TMT #TBE #MayweatherPromotions #bikramyoga #yoga

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Because McGregor is not going to be outdone with non-combat related training

Late night swimming rounds in the "orange zone" of the @conormcgregorfast conditioning program.

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Jim Miller goes full ‘Murica for his last sparring session before his UFC 213 bout with Anthony Pettis

Tim Kennedy is at the very least mildly disturbed, and I don’t think he would deny that. Some of these are funny, though.

Justin Gaethje’s Q&A (also, he says he is going to kill Michael Johnson)

Did you watch Chris Weidman on the MMA Hour? If not, you missed his story of beating up a kid as a gym teacher

Slips, Rips, and Knockout Clips

Yoel Romero at forty years old is still in contention for “best athlete in the UFC”, and I won’t get tired of posting GIFs of him being superhuman.

Justin Gaethje’s highlight reel is just as violent

I’m so happy Lawler-Cerrone has been rebooked for UFC 214. Lawler was the most entertaining welterweight champion of all time.

Good Reads

  • Hahahahahahahahaha. Sorry- Dana White says Michael Bisping doesn’t turn down fights.
  • Alastair Overeem survived a hotel explosion in Alba... in Albuquer... in New Mexico
  • Aikido Assassins is exactly the article you would expect from the title, and thus, essential reading
  • MMA fighters with pro boxing experience weigh in on why McGregor-Mayweather is going to be so difficult for McGregor
  • Andrew Richardson breaks down a bout between undefeated prospects Marc Diakese and Transylvanian vampire hunter Drakkar Klose

FanPost of the Day

Remember that reporter Chael Sonnen called a sweet potato? (How is that even a compliment, by the way?) Well, Eric_Holden figured out who she is and found her Youtube channel, so... you’re welcome.

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Happy fourth of July- watch this bald eagle get a 3D-printed replacement beak

This is the luckiest dude I’ve seen in a long time

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