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Dana White: Michael Bisping doesn't turn down fights

Michael Bisping continues to signal his preference for a Georges St-Pierre superfight, but Dana White says he won’t turn down a legit contender match.

MMA: UFC 204-Bisping vs Henderson Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

The strange dance surrounding middleweight champion Michael Bisping continues.

The UFC is insisting Bisping will take on the winner of the Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker interim bout at UFC 213 next. But muddying the waters is Georges St-Pierre, who continues to campaign for a previously arranged fight with Bisping and doesn't sound happy about the UFC's change of plans. That's left UFC president Dana White in an interesting situation where he's stuck reiterating the promotion's plans while his fighters repeatedly indicate they're not on board.

Here's White's latest angle that we have on that, which does a bit of a run around on the GSP elephant in the room but still ends up with Michael Bisping falling in line. Via MMA Junkie:

“I’m going to tell you this: There are guys who turn down fights every day here – some I’m very public about, some I’m not, ” White recently told MMAjunkie in an exclusive sit-down interview. “Bisping does not turn down fights. Bisping does not turn down fights. He does not. So I have a lot of respect for Mike. I like guys, you’re in the fight business. You should be willing to fight anybody, anywhere, any time – especially if you’re the champion or one of the top f**king five guys in the world. You shouldn’t be turning down fights with anybody. Bisping does not.”
“(Bisping) is in line for the winner,” White said. “Bisping’s never turned down a fight, this guy. Me and Bisping go back a long way from his season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ and I’ve done a lot of things for Michael Bisping, and Michael Bisping’s done a lot of things for me.

“We have a really good relationship and we communicate a lot, even when we’re both not really happy with the situation and what’s going on. Me and Michael will get this done.”

The aura of uncertainty will probably continue until UFC 213 on July 8th when Romero and Whittaker finally fight. If nothing screwy happens, a clear contender will emerge with enough momentum behind them to justify Bisping putting aside this big money fight with Georges. But if the match is controversial or a flop and neither fighter can generate much excitement, you better believe both Bisping and St-Pierre are going to engage in another week or two of stubbornly indicating their preference on the subject.

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