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Anthony Johnson open to UFC return for fight against legendary Jon Jones

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Esther Lin

After Alexander Gustafsson knocked out Glover Teixiera a few months ago, Anthony Johnson admitted that watching the finish gave him that competitive itch again. And after witnessing Jon Jones sleep Daniel Cormier this past weekend (Sat., July 29, 2017) at UFC 214, “Rumble’s” competitive juices once again started flowing.

Especially since Johnson got to see it firsthand inside the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

“It was definitely great seeing it through a fan point of view. I absolutely loved the fight, and this card was amazing. But, it did get me going a little bit seeing Jon and Daniel doing their thing. I don’t know, man, we will see what happens,” said Johnson on The MMA Hour, regarding a potential return to action.

The hard-hitting brawler retired from active mixed martial arts (MMA) after he suffered a second loss to Daniel Cormier at UFC 210 three months ago. He then went on to open up a cannabis facility to help people with medical issues.

And since things are going well for Johnson on that end, it has to be worth his while financially in order to get him back into the eight-sided cage.

“Well, you know what, I am kind of on the fence. If I am going to come back, it will have to be worth it for me, financially, because I have so much going on already and things that are great,” he said.

Furthermore, Johnson says he will only return to fight the legend that is “Bones.”

“If I come back, it will be definitely just to fight the legend in Jon Jones himself,” he added. “I’ve beaten pretty much everybody else except for Daniel and Jon. Jon got hit with some big punches from Daniel. And I know if I would’ve hit him with some of those punches, most likely he would’ve went down,” he declared.

Still, there is no beef with Jon. On the contrary, he is very cool with the current Light Heavyweight champion and all of his family. But, at the end of the day, the hurt game is a business and he and Jones have to do what they have to do.

“Jon is a hell of a fighter, you know what I’m saying? I have nothing but respect for him and his family,” he added, saying Jon’s father was one of the coolest people he’s ever met. “But, at the end of the day it’s a business and, you know, if UFC come at me right with something that I can’t resist, then yeah, I’d make it happen regardless.”

To hear Anthony tell it, health concerns are still an issue for him, and if he was to risk his well-being inside the cage again, it has to make sense cents and a whole lot of dollars.