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Dana White ‘Lookin' for a Fight' Ep. 3 (S2): San Diego, trapeze school, and haunted houses

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is back on YouTube with his personal reality show titled Dana White: Lookin’ For a Fight alongside former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra and retired UFC lightweight Din Thomas.

If you missed episode two click here.

The Las Vegas fight boss is scouting the country for the next big mixed martial arts (MMA) star, and since the regional circuit bears fruit on occasion (like this guy), this series is (usually) worth paying attention to.

Not just for the fights, but also for the wacky adventures of White and Co. as they do that reality show thing where they run into various hijinks for our mild amusement. As for episode three, the gang heads to San Diego, Calif., to check out a famous animal sanctuary, learn how to fly at trapeze school, visit a haunted house, and scout Team Alpha Male flyweight Joseph Morales.


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