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Deranged UFC fan buying poop-stained fight shorts from Justine Kish to hang in creepy man cave

The biggest problem facing man caves — those designated areas where men hang out and decorate to their specific tastes — is finding space that won’t be invaded by the rest of the family, like nagging wives or annoying kids.

The basement, not exactly known for its copious ventilation, is the most common area.

That means one deranged mixed martial arts (MMA) fan will be able to sit in his recliner, watch the latest pay-per-view (PPV) from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and drink beer amid the pleasant smell of dried shit.

Courtesy of UFC strawweight Justine Kish, who told Submission Radio that she’ll be surrendering her poop-stained fight shorts for $15,000.

“The most lucrative (offer) was, ‘hey, I would like to buy whatever kind of winnings you lost, I would like to buy your shorts for that same amount to hang them up and blah, blah blah in my man cave.’ I was like, this is disgusting. There are some really disgusting people out there. And so they offered me $15,000 for my shorts. Some man that wanted a man cave with my shorts – he has like a UFC (shrine). He gave me his name, his email address, all these things. I really don’t want to give too much details, but that was the most lucrative offer and I’m not gonna… I mean, I don’t… I mean, why? I mean, people are saying, ‘send them over, just go do it.’ I’m like, oh, alright. Well I’ll give him my information, but I don’t see how this is actually real.”

She underestimates her fan base.

Kish accidentally soiled herself during the UFC Fight Night 112 event last month on FOX Sports 1 (see it), but was able to temper some of the public fallout with a discretionary bonus from promotion president Dana White.

Just bleed defecate!

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