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Midnight Mania! Daniel Cormier is done playing, says he’ll smack the s*** out of Arthur Jones

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Daniel Cormier is done playing. He shared his thoughts with Megan Olivi after his weigh-in face-off with Jon Jones.

He’s still playing. I’m not playing anymore. This is my life. He won the first fight. Okay. But he’s still playing. Blowing kisses, putting on a show. All the time for that stuff is done. It’s time to fight. I’m ready to go.

On Jon Jones’ “fat ass brother”, and what has led him to this moment.

Tomorrow I will beat Jon Jones... whatever way I want. I’ve trained so hard for this. I’ve been preparing for this since the moment I left that Octagon on January 3rd, 2015. I’m not playing around any more. It’s time to fight, all the fun and games, all the blowing kisses... it’s done. He’s got his fat brother in the stands, talking about I’m going to cry. He can sit his fat ass down because I’ll smack the shit out of him too.

On what’s different this time:

I’m a much better fighter today than I was. People haven’t even seen all that I’m capable of in the Octagon. Tomorrow I put it all on display.

On the source of his motivation:

All of it. All of the above, but the reality is, in competition he won the first time, and that’s what I’m focused on. All this feuding, all this other stuff, yeah, it’s great for the build, but the build is done. Now it’s time for us to fight, and competitively, I need to get this fight back.

On how he gets it done:

“I dominate him. I literally go out there and I dominate him. If you don’t believe, then, just wait till tomorrow. You’ll see.

Jones was indeed in a good mood during the weigh-ins.

Arthur Jones shares his thoughts on DC prior to the altercation the two of them had:

Not sure what Anthony Johnson could be telling Jones that he doesn’t already know, aside from how to generate ungodly power with his punches.


Conor McGregor’s doctor would have you believe he is good to box Floyd Mayweather for an hour straight if need be.

How you should think about Mayweather-McGregor, a four-part guide

Mark Coleman relating a story from Jon Jones’ early days. Coleman says he took Jones down ten times.

I can’t decide if this is really Gunnar or not.

Savage, even though I don’t think that had much to do with how his fight against Santiago Ponzinibbio was finished.

I’m here for the lama puns.

Tony Ferguson’s weird-ass training habits make it seem like the dude is an easily bored madman.

Like, who does this?

Slips. Rips. Knockout Clips.

Nice head kick.

That’s a pretty awful nickname but he looks like he can do it.

This was a huge upset in China, with Kimura knocking out the guy promoting the card.

Melvin Guillard is at a sad spot in his career but this is a nice finish.

Israel Adesanya looks like a legit talent

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