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Midnight Mania! Cyborg believes Rousey was wrong face of MMA - ‘She don’t fight now’

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Cyborg begins speaking on Rousey around the 7:30 mark

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Cris Cyborg, who faces off against Invicta Bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger for the Featherweight belt this weekend at UFC 214, told media today that Ronda Rousey was the wrong face of mixed martial arts (MMA).

“I think we did a mistake one time, we put Ronda Rousey, and she don’t fight now, retired, and people, ahh, don’t know the face of MMA. I don’t want to be that person. I want to make a lot of things for all of MMA, and they have a lot of girls [inaudible], and be together growing together.”

Cyborg has long been the widely acknowledged best fighter in the world at women’s Featherweight, but a variety of circumstances -- and a recalcitrant Germaine de Randamie -- have kept her from competing for 145-pound UFC gold, a situation that will be rectified Saturday night. Dana White admitted that he and UFC made a lot of mistakes promoting her, a situation Cyborg says is hard to rectify because there is no way to reach back in time and delete the mistakes. However, she is willing to work with him moving forward to forge a better relationship.

“I forgive him, but I think have a lot of consequences that are gonna happen.”

Of course, Cyborg hasn’t made things easier on herself either, punching Angela Magana in the mouth at UFC’s athlete retreat and failing a USADA test (later acquiring a retroactive Therapeutic Use Exemption for the substance she popped for). Regardless, this weekend will be a welcome chance to put all the drama in the past and finally fight for the UFC belt she is sure belongs to her.

At the open workout today, Cyborg impressed with her Capoeira skill.


Did you know Jon Jones and I rep the same area code?

That’s right, 607. I was reminded of this fact when I opened an email today explaining that someone had partnered with Jon Jones to bring us ... BONESMOJIS!!

Why is this a thing? Who knows. Why would I ever need a Jon Jones emoji? I’m not sure. What does Jon Jones do that is distinctive enough to recognize in emoji form? That question I can answer for you, in picture format.

This is taken from the site where you, too, can buy Jon Jones’ personal line of emojis. What I did appreciate was the knowledge that Jon Jones himself sat on a computer helping to make this list.

The BonesMoji contains over 60 unique emojis depicting the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion’s during iconic career moments. Jones helped to personally curate the content, drawing inspiration from his acclaimed professional career.

That’s totally something I can picture Jon Jones doing. Pouring over a list of emojis; asking “Do you have any of lions?”; approving tiny images of himself waving, smiling and stretching; putting his foot down. “It needs more lion.”

“Jon and I both come from the same hometown in Upstate NY, which made this a logical fit for us. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Jon and First Round Management for this exciting release.” says Oliver Camilo, Founder & CEO of Moji.

I guess I have only my home state to blame.

Daniel Cormier is great on the mic.

Anthony Pettis is being sued, it would seem.

Is it possible C.M. Punk could be back in training for another fight?

These two guys do not care.

Let’s not forget the stacked undercard for this fight. Jason “Hick Diaz” Knight is going to throw down with Ricardo Lamas:

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Early Jon Jones was brutal throw Jon Jones ...

Batara with the nice armbar!

Smooth ...

Podcasts and Video

The Fight Society Podcast with Damon Martin:

Good Reads

  • Watching Jon Jones explain nonchalantly how he pokes all of his opponents in the eye is a little surreal.
  • This piece by Jonathan Snowden on Cyborg’s rocky relationship with UFC is stellar work.

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