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Jon Jones clarifies that it's him not speaking to Dana White, not the other way around

Just so we’re clear on who’s not talking to who, Jon Jones says he’s only talking to the real boss Ari Emanuel.

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As we head into the home stretch for UFC 214, everyone's a little nervous at the possibility of a last second calamity hitting the Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones light heavyweight title fight. And can you blame us? Amanda Nunes just reminded us at UFC 213 that no fight is for sure until the cage door closes behind the two participants. And we’re just a few weeks removed from the one year anniversary of Jones getting pulled off UFC 200 at the last minute over sexual performance drugs that were laced with estrogen blockers.

White revealed that even though he allowed Cormier vs. Jones to headline UFC 214 (after declaring Jones would never headline again), everything was not great between the two of them. In an interview with ESPN he admitted they hadn't spoken since the incident at UFC 200.

But according to Jon Jones, that's not because of Dana. Rather, he's the one ignoring White's calls.

“Dana White has reached out to me on at least four occasions, and I haven’t answered any of his calls or any of his text messages — that’s the reason we haven’t spoken,” he told the LA Times. “Unless he has something real pressing to talk to me about, I’d rather just talk to Ari Emanuel. As of now, I look at Ari as my boss and as Dana as more the face and the voice of UFC.”

“I just feel like when you’re making the company money and you’re a pay-per-view draw and you’re ultimately putting money in his pocket, then you mean a lot to him. The moment you aren’t those things, you mean nothing to him, and he’s done a decent job of showing that. I felt completely abandoned by him… in a situation when I needed him the most. I feel like he’s shown me his true colors, and now I have no desire to pretend like he cares about me or that we’re friends.”

UFC 200 wasn't the first time Jones got on the wrong side of Dana White's infamous temper. UFC 151 was canceled on the week of the event after Dan Henderson pulled out of his fight with Jones and Jones refused to face late replacement Chael Sonnen. White buried Jones and his team for ‘murdering’ the event and costing all the other fighters on the card their paychecks.

Jones is just the latest fighter in a long list of high profile UFC athletes on the outs with White, something the UFC president doesn’t seem particularly concerned with.

"Sounds like something he and I will eventually have to straighten out,” he told the LA Times in response to Jon's words.

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