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UFC 214: Daniel Cormier insists Jon Jones cheated with steroids - ‘You are 3-0 in UFC’

The UFC 214 pre-fight press conference was in full affect earlier today (Wed., July 26, 2017) in Anaheim, California (video replay here), and as you guessed it, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones were at it once again.

The bitter rivals took the majority of the questions from the reporters on hand, and of course, Jon’s past with drug abuse and troubles with Johny Law were brought into play. But, that’s all in the past, according to Jones, who says he’s in a place in his life where he doesn’t care about peoples personal opinions about him.

Cormier’s included.

"I'm at a pretty good place in my life with where I am. And I have learned not to give a fuck. It feels great," Jones said.

Still, Jon couldn't escape his recent failed drug test, though it was concluded that Jon never actually took steroids, but was ultimately hit with a one-year suspension. So when Cormier was asked if he believed in his heart of hearts that "Bones" was cheating with the aid of performance enhancing drugs (PED’s), Daniel didn’t hold back.

"The other day, Jon just about cried on the press conference because I accused him of using steroids," said Cormier. "Do I feel Jones tried to cheat? Yea, I do. Why can I not say what I feel? I can say whatever I want. If I believe it in my heart, then I will say it. Yes, I do believe he has done it ... for a long time."

Of course, Jones was quick to fire back.

"How long do you think I have been doing steroids?" he asked.

"I imagine you are 3-0 in UFC, so those first few fights," responded Cormier. "Saint Preux, Gusmao, Forrest Bonnar, or whatever his name is. Those three fights is when you didn’t do steroids. Everything in the middle is eliminated," he added.

Jones was quick to say when he was at his best shape because of power lifting, USADA was in full swing so there was no way he was doing steroids, then when on to to lift his shirt to show off his abs and insult Cormier by telling him he looked like a "crackhead with a suit on." Of course, "DC" was quick to fire back and stated while he may look like one because of the weight cut, he never was one like "Bones," stating that the six pack was all for show and won’t do nothing for him come fight night.

Just three more sleeps!

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