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UFC 214 results: Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones live stream play-by-play updates

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to the hurt business this weekend with the upcoming UFC 214: "Cormier vs. Jones 2" pay-per-view (PPV) fight card, which takes place inside Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., on Sat., July 29, 2017.

Leading the charge will be the light heavyweight championship rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, who battled to a five-round decision — in favor of “Bones” — back at UFC 182.

UFC 214 will also feature the welterweight title fight between Tyron Woodley and Demian Maia, as well as a featherweight championship bout pitting Cristiane Justino opposite Tonya Evinger. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 214 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass "Prelims" matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. ET, then the remaining undercard balance on FXX at 8 p.m. ET, before the PPV main card start time at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised fisticuffs to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 214) before you split and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Cormier vs. Jones 2."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 214 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones — Jones def. Cormier by KO (head kick and punches) at 3:01 of Round Three
Tyron Woodley vs. Demian Maia — Woodley def. Maia by unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46 x2)
Cristiane Justino vs. Tonya Evinger — Justino def. Evinger by TKO (knees) at 1:56 of Round Three
Donald Cerrone vs. Robbie Lawler — Lawler def. Cerrone by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Jimi Manuwa vs. Volkan Oezdemir — Oezdemir def. Manuwa by KO (punches) at 0:42 of Round One
Jason Knight vs. Ricardo Lamas — Lamas def. Knight by TKO (punches) at 434 of Round One
Renan Barao vs. Aljamain Sterling — Sterling def. Barao by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 30-26)
Renato Moicano vs. Brian Ortega — Ortega def. Moicano by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:59 of Round Three
Andre Fili vs. Calvin Kattar — Kattar def. Fili by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Alexandra Albu vs. Kailin Curran — Albu def. Curran by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Jarred Brooks vs. Eric Shelton — Brooks def. Shelton by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Josh Burkman vs. Drew Dober — Dober def. Burkman by KO (punch) at 3:04 of Round One


205 lbs.: UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones

Round 1: Jones swinging hard, landing punches early. Nice clinch shots from Cormier knock Jones’ mouthpiece. Left hand from Jones, who hits a takedown that Cormier scrambles up from immediately. Left hook by Jones. One minute in. Jones to the body, oblique kick. Left hook downstairs. Leg kick by Cormier and they clinch. Hard knee to the body from Jones. Two minutes in. Straight left and body kick. Jones fires an elbow, DC ducks it. Left hook and leg kick from Cormier. Overhand right by Jones with two minutes to go.

Elbow from Jones. Straight right lands clean. Both land rights to the body. Leg kick from Cormier. Nice left hook after a right downstairs. Leg kick lands. One minute to go. Straight lefts by Jones. Body kick from Cormier and a pair of hard punches. Good knee and uppercut inside. 1-2 from Cormier connects flush. 10-9 Jones.

Round 2: Front kick from Jones to start. Oblique kick, body kicks. Cormier lands a leg kick, eats a right hand. Another leg kick. Counter right from Cormier, then one to the body. Nice leg kick. Ref pauses the fight from a clash of heads. One minute in. Jones goes to the body. Right hands from Cormier. Inside low kicks come back at him. Low kick from Cormier. Again. Left hook and body kick from Jones. Looping left two minutes in. Elbow over the top. Nice left downstairs. Overhand right connects for Cormier as Jones moves away. DC taunting Jones, lands a left hook and right uppercut. Overhand right on the break. Two minutes to go.

Left hooks by the champion. They tie up and Jones looks for a trip. Cormier with some dirty boxing, sweeps Jones down but slips. Nice knee by Cormier. 3-2 by Cormier. Inside low kick from Cormier. One minute to go. Jones with a left downstairs, eats a left hook. Another left to the body, then upstairs. Both go to the body, then a swatting overhand right by Cormier. 10-9 Cormier.

Round 3: Jones rips a left hook downstairs, then leg kicks. 1-2 from Jones, more leg kicks, left hook. Body shots. One minute in. Jones digs another left downstairs, then a knee. Cormier with an uppercut-left hook in the clinch. Cormier looking a bit winded. Still pursuing, though. Combination from Cormier two minutes in. Jones lands a left downstairs. Cormier plugs him with a right downstairs. Head kick and DC is hurt! Jones on the attack! Flies in with a knee and Cormier stumbles to the mat. Jones hammers away at him until Cormier goes to sleep.

Final result: Jones def. Cormier by KO (head kick and punches)

170 lbs.: UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley vs. Demian Maia

Round 1: Maia pressing forward early, pumping his right hand. He shoots fifteen seconds in, can’t get Woodley down. Woodley stuffs another shot. Maia’s bleeding from what appeared to be an uppercut coming in. Another shot on the cage. One minute in. Woodley uses wrist control and a solid base to shove Maia away. Left hand lands for Maia. Maia shoots, looks for a single-leg, and Woodley grabs the fence to avoid it. Another left hand by Maia, can’t drag Woodley down two minutes in. Counter right by Woodley. Two minutes to go.

Maia blocks a right hand. Again, then he shoots and gets stuffed with a minute to go. Straight left by Maia and Woodley waves him on. 10-9 Maia.

Round 2: Solid right hand knocks Maia back. Leg kick from Woodley. Counter right drops Maia and he waves Maia up. One minute in. Maia’s eye looks bad. Left hand from Maia. Woodley pursuing. He limp-legs out of a takedown attempt, lands another right hand. Body shot, inside low kick, another limp-leg two minutes in. Counter right from Woodley, who shrugs off another takedown via underhooks. Two minutes to go.

Woodley with a right downstairs. Left from Maia. One minute to go. 10-9 Woodley.

Round 3: Woodley lands a right hand, gets his leg out of a takedown attempt. Overhand right blocked. Leg kick by Woodley a minute in. Next minute is pretty much all feints. More feints, nobody landing. Good low kick from Woodley. Two minutes to go.

Feinting, feinting, feinting. Maia left hand just misses. Counter left connects for Maia, who fires a reactive takedown that Woodley stuffs. Left hand again from Maia. Right from Woodley in return. One minute to go. Leg kick from Maia. 10-9 Woodley.

Round 4: Woodley with a right hand to the body. Another. Maia shoots, stuffed. One minute in. Straight left from Maia, counter right by Woodley. Maia gets deeper on a single-leg than he has in several rounds against the cage, still can’t get it. Two minutes in. Right from Woodley. To the body this time. Well-timed takedown from Maia denied anyway. Two minutes to go.

Woodley to the body. One minute to go. 2-1 connects. Counter right. 10-9 Woodley.

Round 5: Maia gets in on Woodley’s hips, barrels through but just can’t get him down. Woodley sidesteps another shot. Limp-legs out of another. One minute in. Sprawl. Maia faking level changes. Jab from Woodley. Two minutes in. Maia tries a head kick, blocked. Maia shoots again, Woodley limp-legs out again. Honestly Woodley looks a little tuckered, too. Two minutes to go.

Straight left lands for Maia. Crowd chanting “boring” as Woodley stuffs another takedown. Left hand from Maia. One minute to go. Counter left. Anotehr left hand connects. Christ, I actually think Maia won this round. Woodley landed pretty much nothing. 10-9 Maia.

Final result: Woodley def. Maia by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Cristiane Justino vs. Tonya Evinger for vacant women’s featherweight title

Round 1: Cyborg drops Evinger with her first left hand, lets her back up. Evinger fires a naked low kick and Cyborg counters with a big right hand. Evinger ties up and Cyborg counters a takedown into guard, letting her up. One minute in. Heavy shots by Cyborg in the clinch. Evinger’s coming after her. Leg kicks from Cyborg. Evinger to the body, shoots for a takedown two minutes in. She briefly gets Cyborg down, but can’t keep her there. Again. Big knee by Cyborg after she pops up. Low kick. Cyborg eats an eye poke with two minutes to go.

Low kick from Cyborg when they resume. Counter right hand, body shot, knee downstairs. Evinger ties up, avoids a head kick. Two big right hands from Cyborg, uppercut from Evinger on the exit. One minute to go. Cyborg lands a right hand and head kick, then goes to the body. Leg kicks. Big straight right connects, then a pair of knees at the bell. 10-9 Justino.

Round 2: Cyborg advancing, lands more hard low kicks. Stiff jab connects. Leg kick. Head kick. One minute in. Evinger tries to change levels, falls well short. Lefts from Cyborg, right hook, knee when Evinger changes levels. Two minutes in. Big left hook from Cyborg. Head kick connects. Low kick connects. Big left hand upstairs with two minutes to go.

Stiff jab lands. Leg kicks continue to pile up. Right cross knocks Evinger back. One minute to go. Cyborg still stalking, lands a knee near the fence. Right hand, knee to the body. 10-9 Justino.

Round 3: Cyborg goes back to the inside leg kick. Outside. Overhand right rocks Evinger and the follow-up head kick lands. Another right hand and head kick drop Evinger. Cyborg bashes away at her legs before letting her back up a minute in. Spinning back kick attempt. Counter left off an Evinger leg kick. Cyborg tries a Superman punch, lands brutal knees that send Evinger to her knees. One more left hand and it’s over.

Final result: Justino def. Evinger by TKO (knees)

170 lbs.: Donald Cerrone vs. Robbie Lawler

Round 1: Lawler comes out slugging, unloading with both hands. Cerrone clinches up and Lawler tears into him with knees and punches from point-blank. Cerrone with a nice knee inside. One minute in. Both land knees to the body. Hard elbow from Cerrone, elbow from Lawler. Knees to the body from both men. They separate. Cerrone changes levels, puts him on the fence. Again they separate. Right hand from Cerrone, head kick attempt. BIG knee by Lawler. Again, but Cerrone takes him down into guard. Two minutes to go.

Cerrone with some short blows from guard. On to half guard. Side control, now north-south. One minute to go. Good knee from Cerrone. Lawler spins to his knees and makes it back up. Elbow from Cerrone on the break. Head kick from Cerrone, Lawler shrugs it off. 10-9 Cerrone?

Round 2: Cerrone firing kicks early, lands one to the lead thigh. Big right hand from Cerrone. Side kick. One minute in. Lawler tries a head kick. Body kick lands, Cerrone cracks him with an elbow. Head kick attempt. Two minutes in. Low kick by Cerrone. Side kick. Lawler advancing but not throwing much. Flurry from Cerrone and a crunching knee inside. Two minutes to go.

Left hand lands for Cerrone at the end of a combination. Body kick blocked. Heavy knee after an abandoned takedown. Low kick connects. One minute to go. There’s just very little coming from Lawler. Cerrone swatting at him with a long combination. They trade low kicks. Cerrone reaches him with a right hand before the bell. 10-9 Cerrone.

Round 3: Head kick lands for Lawler and now he’s back on the attack. Knee to the body from Cerrone, who threatens a takedown and lands another knee. Lawler pursuing. One minute in. Lawler still on the attack, firing body kicks. Right hand to the body. Cerrone shoots, stuffed, fires punches. Right hook upstairs from Lawler. Cracking left hand. He’s throwing bombs. Cerrone ties up, separates two minutes in. Right hook from Lawler, elbow from Cerrone. Cerrone shoots, stuffed. Body kick from Lawler. Cerrone tries a head kick. Two minutes to go .

1-2-3 from Lawler, combo from Cerrone in return. Lawler knees the body, trades blows upstairs. Hard left downstairs. Cerrone probing with punches, fails another shot with a minute to go. Lawler pressuring, eats a left hook. Solid shots inside. Body shots and now Lawler’s chasing him. Cerrone claiming an eye poke. 10-9 Lawler. Comes down to the first round and I can already see the arguments.

Final result: Lawler def. Cerrone by unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Jimi Manuwa vs. Volkan Oezdemir

Round 1: Oezdemir opens with a low kick. Manuwa ties up and they trade shots inside before he takes Oezdemir to the fence. Good left hands inside by Oezdemir and Manuwa’s hurt! Manuwa staggers back and Oezdemir blasts him with punches until he goes to sleep. Manuwa tries to grapple the ref as Oezdemir celebrates another stunning knockout.

Final result: Oezdemir def Manuwa by KO (punches)

145 lbs.: Jason Knight vs. Ricardo Lamas

Round 1: Good jab from Lamas, then a low leg kick. Lamas ducks in for a takedown and Knight grabs a guillotine, ultimately abandoning it when Lamas continues to drive. Lamas completes the takedown into side control. One minute in. Knight regains guard and fires upkicks. Mission control when Lamas goes back in. Two minutes in. Lamas keeping pressure on, gets out of the rubber guard and stands over him. Knight still lashing out with solid upkicks. Knight goes for a leg with two minutes to go.

Lamas gets his knee free and separates, hurting Knight with a series of huge shots when he stands. Lamas is beating the shit out of him. The ref is about to stop this. Knight’s legs aren’t there. Another huge right hand. Knight’s out on his feet. He tries to pull guard and Lamas bombs him with ground-and-pound until the ref steps in.

Final result: Lamas def. Knight by TKO (punches)

140 lbs.: Renan Barao vs. Aljamain Sterling

Round 1: Both men come out kicking. Barao tries a wheel kick, eats a leg kick. Barao blocking kicks a minute in. Hook kick attempt. Sterling slips during a simultaneous kick and goes for a leg when Barao takes him down. Barao defending, landing the occasional shot. Sterling doesn’t have the knee trapped. Two minutes in. Sterling chatting with the ref. He drops it and Barao takes guard. Short shots from Barao. Two minutes to go.

Barao passes to half guard. Still doing work with ground-and-pound. One minute to go. Sterling tries an armbar, then a triangle before Barao postures out and blasts him with a left hand. 10-9 Barao.

Round 2: Leg kicks from Aljo to start. Barao tries a spinning back kick. Sterling jumps in with a body kick, etas a right hand when he tries to spin. Good inside leg kick. Barao lands a cut kick and grabs an anaconda choke when Sterling tries to shoot, not deep enough and he drops it. Overhand left fro, Sterling a minute in. They tie up and Sterling puts him on the fence. Sterling transitions directly to the back and goes for a Suloev stretch. He drops it and Barao tries to turn into him. Both hooks still in two minutes in. Still working on it. Two minutes to go.

Sterling trying to flatten Barao out, landing hard shots. Barao sits out and manages to regain guard. One minute to go. Nasty elbows by Sterling. Barao throws up a triangle, easily avoided. Sterling doing great work from top position. Nasty elbows open the former champ up. 10-8 Sterling.

Round 3: Hard front kick from Sterling and Barao is hurt. Putting together shots. Up-elbow lands and he shoots. One minute in. Herb Dean separates them 45 seconds later. Barao still looks wobbly. Two minutes in. Barao’s punches lack snap and the speeds not there. Big left hand and uppercut by Sterling. He again puts Barao on the fence. Two minutes to go.

I think Barao is done as an elite fighter. They break it up twenty seconds later. Sterling with a big left hand. Head kick just blocked, side kick is not. Barao lands a right hand. One minute to go. Barao looks for a takedown, moves to the rear waistlock. Barao not doing anything to advance position until the last fifteen seconds, when he slings Sterling to the mat and takes the back. 10-9 Sterling.

Final result: Sterling def. Barao by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Renato Moicano vs. Brian Ortega

Round 1: Moicano opens with a leg kick. Conservative start to the fight. Hard right hand from Ortega after taking some leg kicks. Moicano with a stiff jab and right hand. 1-2-3 by Moicano lands clean. Two minutes in. Overhand right lands for Ortega. Moicano catches a finger in the eye. Back to the action. Hard leg kick by Ortega caught. Two minutes to go.

Left hook from Moicano lands clean, Ortega with a right hand on the pivot. Right hand from Ortega. One minute to go. OVerhand right from Moicano, then a stiff jab. Low kick exchange. Moicano flurries before the bell and ORtega tries a jump knee. 10-9 Moicano.

Round 2: Aggressive start from both men. Glancing head kick from Moicano. To the body now. One minute in. 1-2. Ortega tries a wheel kick, eats a combo from Moicano. Another finger in the eye, ref didn’t see it. Right hand from Moicano, who’s found his range. Ortega with a left hook two minutes in. More jabs from the Brazilian. Ortega pursuing, throwing heat, coming up short. Right hand by Moicano, Ortega tries to spin. Moicano combination met by a right hand. Moicano with another clean punching series. Two minutes to go.

More combinations by Moicano, punctuated with single shots from Ortega. One minute to go. Knee from Moicano, nasty body shots from Ortega. Overhand right by Moicano. Left hook from Moicano. Ortega’s not stopping and he’s still throwing hard. Moicano hits a takedown. 10-9 Moicano.

Round 3: Man, they’re still going at it. Leg kick from Moicano. Another Moicano leg kick. Ortega shoots, stuffed. Left hook by Moicano between Ortega jabs. 3-2 from Moicano, right hands from Ortega high and low. One minute in. Jab exchange. Right hand from Moicano, 1-2. Low-high combo. Ortega tries to spin again. Jab by Ortega. 2-3 from Moicano, leg kick, check hook. Ortega fires an uppercut inside. Two minutes in. Ortega shoots, denied. Moivano goes low-high. Another booming right hand, Ortega shrugs it off and lands a 1-2. Ortega to the body, MOicano with another huge shot. Moicano grabs a bodylock takedown and Ortega taps him with a guillotine.

Final result: Ortega def. Moicano by submission (guillotine choke)

145 lbs.: Andre Fili vs. Calvin Kattar

Round 1: Left hand lands for Fili, Kattar counters a body kick with a straight right. Good jabs by Kattar. Glancing overhand by Fili a minute in. Kattar blocks a head kick. Low leg kick lands. Fili answers with a leg kick, eats a body shot. Two minutes in. Hard 1-2 by Kattar and a leg kick. Body shot. Fili with a 2-1. Good exchange in the center. Two minutes to go.

Kattar tries a head kick, counters Fili’s. Fili with a combo in return. 1-2 from Fili. Kattar counters a leg kick with a right hand. One minute to go. Kattar stuffs a shot and they trade good shots. Fili lands a right hand, slips on the fence, gets dragged down. Kattar pins Fili’s right hand behind him and drills him with lefts. 10-9 Kattar.

Round 2: Good right hand from Kattar early. 2-3 by Fili and a body kick. Straight left. Low kick by Kattar a minute in. Fili cracks him with a right cross. Big 3-2 lands for Kattar. Low kick by Kattar, combo from Fili upstairs. Kattar with another hard right hand. Bigger right hand soon after. Two minutes in. Left hook lands. Fili lands a body kick, eats a counter left. Kattar lands well from southpaw, shift into another right hand. Fili fires a head kick with two minutes to go.

Straight left from Kattar. Fili low kick hits groin. Another right by Kattar. Both land their lefts with a minute to go. Fili sending out more kicks. Right hand by KAttar, combination by Fili. Nasty counters by Fili now. Body kick. 1-1-2 from Kattar lands big and they trade bombs. 10-9 Kattar.

Round 3: Fili with a leg kick early. Stiff jab by Kattar. Check hook lands for him. Fili looks for the body kick, lands a straight left a minute in. Kattar comes up short with a wheel kick. Left hook by Kattar. Check hook connects and he knocks Fili off-balance. Two minutes in. Right cross by Kattar over the jab. They trade punches. Two minutes to go.

Kattar lands a jab. Counter combination by Fili, good uppercut in the middle. Kattar finds him with the 1-2 again. Another hard right by Kattar, who jumps in with a body kick and lands a hard left hand. One minute to go. Kattar nearly ducks into a head kick, instead catches it and takes Fili down into guard. Kattar lands a few shots before letting Fili back up. Fili with a body kick. Low kicks by Kattar. 10-9 Kattar.

Final result: Kattar def. Fili by unanimous decision

115 lbs.: Alexandra Albu vs. Kailin Curran

Round 1: Albu pressing forward with combinations, stings Curran with a right hand. Curran ties up, eats knees, puts her on the fence. Knee exchanges. Good left by Curran on the break. Albu in pursuit, lands a hard 3-2 and pulls guard a minute in. Curran lands a pair of shots and Albu rolls for a kneebar. Curran digs away with right hand and takes the back. Albu regains guard. Ground-and-pound two minutes in. Albu makes it to her feet, eats a knee downstairs. Albu with more good punches, counters a takedown into guard. Curran kicks her off. Two minutes to go.

Curran puts her on the fence. Knee to the body. They separate. 1-2 from Albu. One minute to go. Leg kick from Curran, body kick by Albu. Albu hits a head-and-arm throw into side control and lands some heavy ground-and-pound. Curran hits a sweep and Albu tries to pull guard again. They jockey for position. 10-9 Albu.

Round 2: Right hand from Albu. Curran with a pair of right hands, briefly ties up. Albu with a stiff jab. Teep, right hand comes back from Curran. One minute in. Albu with a pair of knees downstairs. 3-2 by Albu. Albu hits another head-and-arm throw and sets up in guard. Hammerfists by the Russian. Curran kicks her off and tags her on the fence. Albu hits the same throw again two minutes in. Half guard. Albu still landing ground-and-pound. Curran lands a blatantly illegal upkick and Albu elects to just keep going. Two minutes to go.

Curran scrambles up. Knee to the body by Curran. Elbows by Albu, Curran puts her on the fence. They separate. Left hook from Albu. Body kicks, counters from Curran. One minute to go. Counter right from Albu. Knee from Albu, right hand from Curran inside. More left hooks by Albu, right hand behind one. Curran dings her with a right straight, eats a bigger one. 10-9 Albu.

Round 3: Good shots by Curran early. Solid head kick as Albu retreats on the fence and Curran ties up. They soon separate. Right hand by Albu. Jabs from both. Albu ties up a minute in, lands a left hook. Straight right lands for her. Curran to the body and they bounce right hands off each other’s heads. 1-2 by Curran, straight right by Albu. They’re going for it. Curran hits a takedown into side control when Albu tries a headlock two minutes in. Half guard. Curran with some ground-and-pound. Albu just gives her the arm triangle. Two minutes to go.

Albu still holding onto the head, loses it and regains half guard as Curran drops punches. Hard left hand from Curran when Albu tries to stand. Curran on top in guard with a minute to go. Good elbow. Curran continues to land as Albu works her way up. Nice exchanges. Albu catches a body kick and just shoves her to the mat. Curran makes her way up, lands on top. 10-9 Curran, close to but not quite a 10-8.

Final result: Albu def. Curran by unanimous decision

125 lbs.: Jarred Brooks vs. Eric Shelton

Round 1: Brooks already super mobile. Shelton catches a low kick, can’t use it. Hard counter right from Shelton. One minute in. Counter right off another Brooks low kick. Brooks shoots and gets Shelton to his butt on the fence. Shelton looks for elbows. Two minutes in. Ref wants more action from Brooks. Solid knee to the body lands for him as Shelton pops up. Brooks shoots, eats an elbow, completes it. Brooks clamps down on Shelton’s neck with two minutes to go.

Brooks looks for a crucifix crank, then transitions to a guillotine, then hits another takedown. Brooks staying heavy on the head. Brooks rolls for a guillotine and takes full mount. Shelton gives a thumbs-up. 10-9 Brooks.

Round 2: Shelton whiffs on an overhand right, takes a left hook. Jab exchange. Shelton advancing as Brooks circles. One minute in. 1-2 by Shelton. Not much from either man so far. Brooks ducks a right hand for a shot, sprawled on. Two minutes in. Brooks tries a spinning back fist. Shelton still pressing forward. Jab lands. Two minutes to go.

1-2 lands for Shelton. Uppercut and left hook from Brooks appear to rattle Shelton. Shelton shoots off a naked Brooks leg kick and hits a takedown on the fence. Brooks looking for the guillotine. He falls back for it and Shelton scrambles free. Brooks blasts through for a takedown before the bell. 10-9 Shelton.

Round 3: Early flurry from Brooks. One minute in. Shelton continues to pressure. BIG right hand drops Brooks, who shoots and gets stuffed. Two minutes in. Brooks tries a flurry. Left hook by Shelton. Two minutes to go.

Brooks looks for a body kick. Level change, denied. 3-2 lands for Shelton, counter hook by Brooks and a right hand soon after. One minute to go. Jab exchange. Lead right hand from Shelton. He shoots and they clash heads. Brooks shoots, sprawled on. Shelton tries a flying knee and goes for an arm-in guillotine at the bell. 10-9 Shelton.

Final result: Brooks def. Shelton by split decision

155 lbs.: Josh Burkman vs. Drew Dober

Round 1: Dober on the advance early, lands a pair of leg kicks on the counter. Burkman ducks a probing jab for a takedown attempt, Dober shoves him onto the fence. One minute in. Knees from Dober. They separate. Low kick from Burkman. Heavy body kick lands, Dober answers with a leg kick. Two minutes in. Both landing to the legs, then Dober lands a right hook and shoots. Heavy counter left by Burkman as they separate. Dober lands one in return and both connect as they exchange. Two minutes to go.

Dober backs him up near the fence, feints low, and knocks Burkman cold with an overhand left.

Final result: Dober def. Burkman by KO (punch)

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