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Dana White still hasn’t spoken to Jon Jones since UFC 200

Jon Jones is back and fighting for the UFC again, but that doesn’t mean things are great between him and president Dana White.

UFC 200 New York Press Event Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

UFC 214 marks the return of Jon Jones after years of self-destruction, and a lot of media attention has been given to that angle and how Jon feels about his comeback and the opinions of the fans. But no one took the time to ask Dana White how he feels about all this.

White famously declared Jones would never headline another UFC card again. Yet here we are, just over a year later and Jon Jones is headlining the biggest UFC event of the year. But that doesn't mean everything is 100% good between the two.

"Jon Jones and I still haven't talked since the last time he pulled out of UFC 200," White revealed in an interview with ESPN. "Because I wasn't happy with him and what happened with him falling out of UFC 200. I feel like we've been there for the guy every time he's had a problem, and for him to do that at UFC 200, I was not happy.”

“But we don't have to talk for him to come back and do what he's going to try and do on Saturday night. We don't have to talk. I'm not mad at him any more like I was before. We'll see how this thing plays out. He doesn't show up for this one it's going to be a whole other ball game, but I'm cool with Jon Jones now."

White was also clear that he still considered Jones one of the greatest fighters of all time. And in his opinion, he still considers Jones undefeated as well.

"Y'know, he's getting the opportunity right now to get back and face Daniel Cormier, without a doubt two of the best light heavyweights ever. Both of these guys. Jon Jones has had the potential to be the greatest of all time, this guy, he's still never lost a fight. If you look at his record, there's a 1 there but that was because of a ref that shouldn't have even been reffing, a guy that completely screwed up Jon Jones' record. So this is Jon Jones' chance to come back and stay undefeated."

UFC 214 goes down this July 29th, and you can follow all the action here at MMA Mania starting with the prelims starting at 6:30PM EST.

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