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Chris Weidman might attend UFC 214 just to slap ‘idiot’ Michael Bisping for insulting his dad

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion Michael Bisping recently advised Chris Weidman to keep his dad on a leash after Weidman Sr. couldn’t contain his emotions inside the Octagon once “All American” defeated Kelvin Gastelum in the main event of UFC on FOX 25 in Uniondale, New York.

See the full video highlights here.

The jab was the latest in their ongoing Twitter beef, which escalated shortly after the dust settled on Long Island. For Weidman, Bisping bringing his family into it is crossing the line and is just the latest example proving that the brash Brit doesn’t know his boundaries.

“He ripped up a Cuban flag in Romero’s face in between rounds of the fight for a championship, so the guy doesn’t care about anything. And then right away, I do the cross-eyed thing and he comes right at my father, my family,” said Weidman during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour. “He can say anything he wants about me, talk about how ugly I am, my face, my body or whatever or my career. Come at me all you want, but he comes after my father. Yeah, whatever he’s an idiot.”

And just like Yoel Romero recently stated, “All American” might just go to Anaheim, California — site of UFC 214 where Bisping will be on broadcasting duties — to slap “The Count” for insulting his father.

“I might just go to Anaheim and look for Bisping for bringing up my family members and slap him in his mouth. But, other than that, I got nothing going on,” said Weidman when asked about his future plans.

As for his dad’s jubilation, Weidman says it’s just who he is, and while he does make him blush from time to time, he is his father and will always stick up for him.

“He definitely embarrasses me,” joked Weidman. “But you can’t change your family. My dad, I don’t know how old he is, over 60 now. You have to love people for who you are. He’s my dad and obviously he loves me, supports me and he’s happy for me. It’s hard to control his emotions while I am in the middle of a lot of stuff. It is what it is, but, at the end of the day, it doesn’t give Bisping the right to open his mouth.”

As for his goal of trying to get a title fight with Bisping while Robert Whittaker nurses his injured knee, Chris says it makes sense seeing as how he is the only top contender at 185 pounds coming off a win.

While that may be the case, “The Reaper’s” injury and the state of the division might force UFC officials to bring this back up again.

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