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Michael Bisping to Chris Weidman: ‘Put your dad on a f*cking leash, it's embarrassing’

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Chris Weidman was the second happiest person inside NYCB Live last Saturday night (July 22, 2017) in Uniondale, New York, following the UFC on FOX 25 main event.

The first happiest person was his dad.

Weidman Jr. snapped a three fight losing streak by submitting Kelvin Gastelum in the third round, sending the hometown crowd (and his father) into a frenzy and irritating reigning division champion Michael Bisping.

Thanks to this call out.

But “The Count” — who Weidman called a “cross-eyed bitch” (because of this) — went one step further, and asked the “All American” to corral his doting dad, who once made headlines for this remark.

Have we learned nothing from this guy?

While the victory over Gastelum puts Weidman back into the win column, it’s unlikely to move him very far in the official rankings (see them here). In addition, there are several fighters more deserving of a title shot with “All American” wins over the past year.

The only way Weidman gets a Bisping fight is if the brash Brit loses and the only way for him to lose is to actually fight.

I’m sure it’s bound to happen sooner or later.