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UFC Long Island, The Morning After: Kelvin Gastelum insists he wants to try making welterweight again - ‘170 is my home’

What you may have missed from last night ...

How many times do we have to go through this with Kelvin Gastelum?

He has missed weight, not once, not twice, but three times in the 170-pound weight class, prompting UFC President Dana White to say (more than once) that Kelvin would never fight at welterweight again.

He has had just about as much success at middleweight as he has at welterweight. Despite last night’s result, the fight was competitive, with Gastelum dropping Weidman in the first round before eventually succumbing to an arm triangle in the third. He himself claimed above that if he had had thirty more seconds, he could have finished Weidman. Prior to that, he retired Tim Kennedy and knocked out Vitor Belfort. Another young former welterweight, Robert Whittaker, is even the middleweight interim champion and almost certainly the actual best middleweight on earth (though Michael Bisping will get his chance to prove otherwise after Whittaker returns from a knee injury)

Yet, all of this is not enough for young Kelvin. He insists on trying to compete in a weight class that he either does not have the discipline or the ability to cut to safely; a division in which he has already lost to the reigning champion.

I feel like 170 as my home. I feel like I need to reassess some things, change lifestyle up a little bit. I’m already planning on going to Vegas to the UFC Institute — they have great dietitians there I’m going to be working with, and strength and conditioning coaches I’m going to be working with. I think my next fight should be at 170. That’s what I’m going to push for.

Previous changes to his diet and training have ultimately been unsuccessful; it remains to be seen how the UFC brass will react to Kelvin’s insistence.

An Awkward Interview

Jon Jones was asked by Brian Stann last night if there was any way he would ever respect Daniel Cormier.

“F*** DC,” Jones said flatly. It was the most emotional he got. As soon as he could see Stann was wrapping up, Jones stood, shedding his microphone.

The two had gone back and forth in an interview that lacked the fire, but none of the bile between the two embittered rivals. The result was a tense and awkward conversation.

“It seems that the hatred has only grown. How do you manage that, one week from now, better than you did in the first fight?” Stann asked Cormier

“Well, a lot of times, before, I would let it just- it would drive me. Now, it’s whatever, you know? I am the champion. It doesn’t matter what Jon Jones says. I am the champion, I’m going to remain the champion next weekend, and I’m going to put this little chapter in a long and storied career behind me.”

That last part isn’t true, of course. If Cormier wins, he will be looking at a trilogy fight with Jones, probably right away.

They then went back and forth, with Cormier asserting that he is the champion without beating Jones because Jones beat himself, and Jones’ reply was what it has always been:

That shit doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. In Daniel’s heart, he knows he hasn’t beaten me. If he really can go to sleep at night feeling like a champion, you know, it’s whatever.”

Cormier interrupted him, asserting that yes, he does in fact go to bed every night feeling like a champion, and in fact doesn’t care about the narrative, only the fact that they would finally be locked in a cage together again. Jones said and listened.


That’s when Stann asked his question about respect, and Jones response was as comprehensive as it was succinct. “F*** DC.” For Jones, a victorious return WOULD allow him to put DC in his rearview mirror, something that both men seem to want at this point. Of everyone, the two on camera are the most fed up with each other. For them, and for us, next weekend and UFC 214 cannot arrive soon enough.

Sunday Funday

Chris Weidman def. Michael Bisping by Twitter KO, 23 days into July.

For Gastelum, Weidman had considerably more respect.

Gastelum dropped Weidman hard in the first round. It was a punch that nearly shattered the dimensional barriers and put Weidman in the Upside Down, judging from this picture:

Weidman had his own moments on the feet, of course, but Gastelum didn’t make it easy on him. Perhaps this was what Coach Edmond thought Ronda should have been doing against Nunes:

That’s cold

Not everyone got their moment of glory after winning last night. Chase Sherman was particularly disappointed:

That’s an uppercut, but okay. Still a ridiculous face-plant of a knockout from Alex Oliveira.

Just some UFC fighters, dressed up as Street Fighter characters, for the In a Dream challenge...

Angela Hill always has fun with the costumes

Meanwhile, in the welterweight division, Jorge Masvidal says he has a fight booked. Could it be against Stephen Thompson?

People can be a special breed of stupid when it comes to martial arts and the McGregor-Mayweather fight, and this guy combines those into the most amazing stupid take I’ve seen so far.

What is this outfit? Is that standard bicycling wear? It looks like what those bodybuilders in the gym wear so that they can claim to be wearing a shirt.

Podcasts and Video

Tyron Woodley’s Champ Camp Episode 4

Luke Thomas’ post-fight show

In Other Worlds

There was plenty of other combat sports action happening this weekend around the globe.

You almost never see this work in MMA- the ankle lock counter to crossing the feet from back mount.

Great win for UFC veteran Joe Riggs

Beautiful spinning hook kick.

Random Land

Caught this elephant being responsible!

Sand and bicycles don’t mix.

Great note to leave you on

Enjoy your Sunday, Maniacs!

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