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UFC on FOX 25 results from last night: Patrick Cummins vs Gian Villante fight recap

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Cummins vs Villante Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight bruisers Patrick Cummins and Gian Villante squared off last night (Sat., July 22, 2017) at UFC on FOX 25 inside Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

Villante hasn’t shocked anyone with great skill or sudden development, but he’s consistently tough and packs a big punch. He generally has about 1.5 rounds before fatiguing badly, but Villante intended to get Cummins out of there long before that happened. Meanwhile, Cummins recent results have been mixed. Generally, he either gets battered early or wrestles his opponent in dominant fashion. In his last fight, he did both, surviving some brutal shots to eventually overwhelm with takedowns.

Villante opened the fight with some success, stuffing a pair of takedowns and turning Cummins away with hammer fists. Given some space, he began to connect, stunning his opponent with a good right hand.

Cummins did a nice job of jamming his opponent up after being stunned. He wasn’t able to take Villante down, but controlling Villante along the fence a bit bought him some time and cost Villante energy. On the whole, Villante was the more effective man, doing some good work with the jab.

Still, Cummins made it out of the first round, which had to be a major objective for the wrestler.

The fight slowed to something of a crawl in the second. Cummins level changed into punches but couldn’t finish his takedowns, while Villante just flicked out his jabs with little sense of urgency. Villante did not throw nearly enough, which allowed Cummins to out-work him in the stand up.

Outside of a few right hands, Villante just didn’t do anything offensive for the entire round.

Villante came out with a touch of inspiration in the third round. He moved his feet a bit more and began jabbing actively. Miraculously, throwing punches tends to work, as Villante soon stunned his opponent with a hard right hand. Cummins was hurt, but the wrestler hung tough and did not allow his opponent to build to a stoppage.

At the halfway point in the round, Cummins began to land once again. Both men were exhausted, but Cummins continued to pressure forward regardless. He landed some decent punches in the second half of the round, making things close once again.

I wrote in my prediction post that this thing might get ugly, and it seems that I may be MMAmania’s true Nostradumbass.

This fight was awful.

The final two rounds were completely miserable. Cummins threw slow punches that mostly did no damage, but they landed. Meanwhile, Villante defended takedowns well, but he also went long periods without throwing anything.

The split decision was awarded to Patrick Cummins.

In the end, it was well-deserved. Despite the ugliness of this bout, Cummins showed real improvement. He’s desperately needed some form of head movement for a long time now, and this was the first time that he showed some work on that part of his game. It kept him alive and allowed him to make use of his cardio advantage.

Additionally, his general kickboxing improved. Cummins put together better combinations than before, and he didn’t throw himself completely out of position in the process.

As for Villante, this was an especially bad showing. He never looked fast or all that motivated, and he was out-struck by one of the division’s least experienced strikers. For a supposed knockout artist, that’s a terrible result.

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