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Midnight Mania! Watch McGregor documentary ‘Doubt Me Now’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Conor McGregor’s new documentary is out, “Doubt Me Now”.

My favorite part is how many Irish boxing enthusiasts admit that Conor has virtually no chance against Mayweather, despite Eddie Alvarez’ take. I also appreciated Dan Hardy’s breakdown of the differences between boxing distance and MMA, although Hardy oversells Conor’s chances by a wide margin.

The official poster has been released. They really got creative and artistic with this one. Maybe tone it down next time.

Well, he said he’d give Paulie a knock for the trash Paulie was talking.

Why does he pose like this? Does he think it makes him look better to hold his arms out like that?


Jon Jones celebrates his birthday with four workouts a day! He is sure victory is not just a probability, but an eventuality.

Stipe Miocic clowns Chris Weidman today during the media scrum.

I truly don’t understand Kelvin Gastelum’s insistence on trying to make a weight class he clearly cannot make. Just give it up, man.

Let’s hope Robert Whittaker returns quickly so we don’t have to hear about that inane GSP vs. Bisping idea again.

What the blue blazes is this?? Josh Thomson jumping in to help his teammate DC trash Jon Jones? File this under one of the more bizarre attempts at trash talk I’ve seen.

Garbrandt fears his mother. Appropriate.

This is awesome sparring footage.

From all accounts Chris Leben is actually a really good coach. If you are an aspiring fighter, call him up.

Larry Merchant thinks the UFC found a way to market street fights, which was basically true in the early days.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

I am stoked for this one tomorrow.

Didn’t see this coming.

Come on man.


Referees were having a hard time today.

Choked out.

Beautiful finish.

This remains my favorite knockout of all time.

Good Reads

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