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Bisping: Yoel Romero lost like a little bitch, should disappear to Cuba and hang his head in shame

UFC 213: Nunes vs Shevchenko Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Michael Bisping spent the past six months trying to convince the mixed martial arts (MMA) universe that top contender Yoel Romero, despite his previous accomplishments, was unworthy of a crack at the 185-pound crown.

A sample of those arguments here and here.

In the end, Robert Whittaker validated those claims with a five-round unanimous decision win over “Soldier of God” at the UFC 213 pay-per-view (PPV) event earlier this month in Las Vegas, Nevada (video), which also garnered “The Reaper” the interim strap.

Not that losing kept Romero at bay. In fact, the Cuban stepped up his British attack by burning flags, screaming unintelligibly, and being an all-around psycho through a series of Instagram videos (like this one).

Bisping told the listeners of Believe You Me (via MMA Fighting) that he’s amused, but not impressed.

“Yoel is out of his goddamn mind. I’ve got to say, I love it because unlike some of those videos, it’s awesome. . . Yoel, get over it bud. You just lost the No. 1 contender fight. It’s as simple as that. And you know what, it’s just so typical of Yoel Romero. He can’t man up. He can’t accept it. He’s gotta cheat. He’s got no honor. He’s gotta take steroids. He lost fair and square. As I said, he laid on the floor, he gave up like a little bitch that he is because he didn’t have the heart and he let the fight slip away and he lost that fight. You don’t go to Instagram and campaign for a fight with the champion anyway. You just lost. Hang your head in shame. Disappear to Cuba. Spend some time with your fucking family and come back and build yourself back up. That’s what you should be doing not dancing around on the Union Jack. Get a fucking grip.”

Watch more craziness from Romero here.

With “Soldier of God” discharged from the 185-pound title race, Bisping will move on to a title unification bout against Whittaker later this year, unless former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre makes good on his promise to compete this November in New York City.

Stay tuned.

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