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NFL legend Michael Irvin wants to be king of the celebrity MMA cage

The former Dallas Cowboys star trains and would love to ‘whoop somebody up!’

Vitor Belfort isn't the only man who dreams of an MMA league of legends. That's also the hope former NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin has. Irvin is 51 years old and wrapped up his career with the Dallas Cowboys back in 1999, but he'd love to take on some fellow celebrities that dabble in mixed martial arts.

“I train MMA, I want to do it,” Irvin said in a TMZ Sports interview (via Bloody Elbow). “I train sometimes over at the Guy Mezger gym. I actually wouldn’t mind getting in and having a fight. Oh my god, I would love to take a fight!"

"What I wish they would do is some amateur MMA fighting, celebrity style," he said. "Let this celebrity go up against that celebrity, get in the ring, and let’s do something. Let me find me a couple of dudes that may have said something that I don’t like and we get up in that ring. Man, I would whoop somebody up. I would enjoy that.”

We have our doubts that the UFC would be interested (they didn't like Vitor Belfort's version of this idea either), but who knows ... maybe Bellator would be interested in picking it up. Michael Irvin has the connections to make it happen, too. His old Cowboys teammate Herschel Walker fought for Scott Coker and went 2-0 back in the Strikeforce days of 2010.

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