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UFC ‘Contender Series’ 2 results: Live stream play-by-play updates

The world’s “toughest job interview” continues this evening as 10 fighters “vie to fulfill their dreams of earning a UFC contract.”

Dana White’s “Tuesday Night Contender Series” produced two new UFC signees last week in Boston Salmon and Kurt Holobaugh (full results here). Tonight at 8 p.m. ET on UFC Fight Pass, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Gym will look to produce even more contenders as another 10 hopefuls make their case for a spot in the world’s largest fighting organization.

In the main event, former TUF 19 semifinalist Daniel Spohn and his 7-1 post-UFC record face veteran Angel DeAnda and his six-fight winning streak. Unbeaten bantamweight prospect Sean O’Malley makes up half of the co-main event against former “Lookin’ for a Fight” victim Alfred Khashakyan, who knocked out UFC vet Chris Beal in December.

Elsewhere on the card, TUF 22 fan-favorite Than Le takes on Lazar Stojadinovic at featherweight, Sydney Outlaw faces knockout artist Michael Cora at welterweight, and Cee Jay Hamilton opens the show against Casey Kenney at flyweight.


Daniel Spohn def. Angel DeAnda by submission (arm triangle)

Sean O’Malley def. Alfred Khashakyan by KO (punch) in Round One

Thanh Le def. Lazar Stojadinovic by KO (head kick and punches) at 1:35 of Round Two

Sidney Outlaw def. Michael Cora by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-27)

Casey Kenney def. Cee Jay Hamilton by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


Daniel Spohn vs. Angel DeAnda

Round one: Spohn opens with a shot to the nards. They resume and DeAnda flurries as Spohn knees the body. Good right hand by DeAnda. Spohn with a spinning kick to the body. One minute in. Body shot and left hook by DeAnda, right hand by Spohn. Spohn lands a pair of knees in the Thai plum. DeAnda lands a hard combination to the body and head. Spohn puts him on the fence two minutes in and lands a body shot. DeAnda chiseling away with hard shots inside. Right hand drops Spohn and DeAnda hammers away at the back of his head. Big John rightly pauses the fight to give Spohn time to recover. Big John takes a point from DeAnda. Spohn immediately drops him with a combination and batters him with left hands, moving to the back with two minutes to go.

Spohn transitions to the arm triangle and draws the tap.

Final result: Spohn def. DeAnda by submission (arm triangle choke)

Sean O’Malley vs. Alfred Khashakyan

Round one: Khashakyan aggressive, pushing forward behind punches and gets lamped by a big knee. Khashakyan still going for it, though, just charging after him. He scores a takedown and fires some hard punches and hammerfists. One minute in. O’Malley briefly tries a triangle, eats more big shots from the standing. O’Malley makes his way up, eats a hard uppercut. O’Malley throwing some big shots and landing some of them, opening a cut over Khashakyan’s left eye. Two minutes in. Overhand right by O’Malley and a head kick. Khashakyan bangs to the body, dings by a right. Khashakyan catches a body kick, can’t use it. BIG right hand takes Khashakyan’s legs out, then a head kick and a flying knee land as Khashakyan tries to shoot. Two minutes to go.

Spinning back fist by O’Malley, eats a knee. Another overhand right. Big left hand. Ref getting ready to step in. Another straight right knocks Khashakyan’s head back. Right hand from Khashakyan, counter right stings him and he fails a takedown. One minute to go. O’Malley marching forward, lamps him with a huge straight right for the finish.

Final result: O’Malley def. Khashakyan by KO (punch)

Thanh Le vs. Lazar Stojadinovic

Round one: Lots of feints early. Lee fires a nasty body kick and Stojadinovic catches it, transitioning to a leglock. Le slips free and avoids a takedown attempt a minute in. Another cracking body kick. Two minutes in. Head kick blocked, still looks like it hurt. Yet another body kick and Stojadinovic shoots with two minutes to go.

Stojadinovic tries a right hand on the break. Flurry falls short. One minute to go. He tries a jumping something, lands a body kick. Le not landing as much in the latter part of the round. Stojadinovic coming out more aggressively, dodges a wheel kick and lands a flurry at the bell. 10-9 Le.

Round two: Stojadinovic pressing forward. Nice body shot. Body kick from Le again. Stojadinovic going at it on the inside now. One minute in. MONSTER head kick flattens Stojadinovic and Le polishes him off with ground-and-pound.

Final result: Le def. Stojadinovic by KO (head kick and punches)

Sidney Outlaw vs. Michael Cora

Round one: Outlaw shoots under the first Cora left hand and slams him down. Outlaw controlling Cora’s legs. One minute in. Outlaw sitting in half guard, landing short punches. Two minutes in. Outlaw staying on top, but not looking like someone Dana White would want to see in the UFC. Cora gets to his feet with two minutes to go, but gives up his back.

Both hooks in for Outlaw. One minute to go. Outlaw gets his forearm on Cora’s chin, can’t secure a grip. He gets it under the chin with twenty seconds to go, but Cora manages to break his grip before the bell. 10-8 Outlaw since Cora landed nothing.

Round two: Cora fires head kicks early. Fake shot from Outlaw. Outlaw catches a front kick a minute in and takes him to the fence, sweeping his leg out for another takedown. Two minutes in. Cora gets to a knee, gives up his back again. Both hooks in. Two minutes to go.

Ref asking for action from back mount. One minute to go. Outlaw locks up the RNC and squeezes. Somehow, Cora again manages to break his grip. 10-8 Outlaw.

Round three: Lots of early feinting. Cora stops a takedown a minute in. Outlaw dodges an uppercut and shoots again. He completes it two minutes in. Outlaw does nothing. Two minutes to go and the ref stands them up.

Cora sending out kicks and punching. Outlaw stuffs a head kick and pulls guard. Cora going for ground-and-pound while Outlaw clamps down on him. One minute to go. More punches by Cora. Outlaw just holding onto him. 10-9 Cora.

Final result: Outlaw def. Cora by unanimous decision

Cee Jay Hamilton vs. Casey Kenney

Round one: Hamilton opens with a hard inside low kick. Kenney tries to tie up, can’t do so, lands body kicks. Solid knee inside. One minute in. Kenney tries a foot sweep and eats an uppercut. Head kick lands for him and he shoots. Hamilton puts him on the fence, exits with an attempted elbow. Another body kick from Kenney and a right uppercut stings Hamilton. Hard elbow over the top two minutes in. Hamilton separates, lands some solid shots before pressing Kenney against the cage. Kenney exits with a right hook. Body kick lands, counter left. 1-2 with two minutes to go.

Straight left again from Kenney, looping left again buzzes Hamilton. Hamilton shoots, denied. Hamilton catches a body kick and lands some right hands. Kenney to the body. Straight left and he ties up with a minute to go. Elbow lands and Hamilton reverses. Kenney grabs the Thai plum and lands a solid knee before putting him on the fence. He exits with a spinning back elbow. 10-9 Kenney.

Round two: Kenney flicking out kicks. Hamilton doing the same, tries an axe/hook kick. Right hand by Kenney. Kenney with a left on the counter; Hamilton looking more aggressive. 1-2 by Kenney a minute in. He shoots, then looks for Hamilton’s back. They separate two minutes in. Leg kick from Kenny, punches by Hamilton. Kenney with a straight left and body kick before shooting for another takedown. Kenney drags him to the mat and puts in both hooks with two minutes to go.

Kenney under the chin, can’t secure the grip. One minute to go. Kenney keeps working on the choke, but Hamilton scrambles back to his feet. Hamilton tries to put Kenney on the fence and Kenney forces him down once again, landing elbows. 10-9 Kenney.

Round three: Kenney advancing. Both whiff on punches. Head kick lands for Hamilton, another goes just high. Kenney lands a left hand and shoots for a single-leg. He slips out of a guillotine, but can’t keep Hamilton down. Left hand by Kenney a minute in and Hamilton puts him on the fence. They separate, Hamilton fires an uppercut and sprawls on a takedown. They’re both visibly exhausted. Kenney wades back into the clinch and they trade knees before separating two minutes in. Hamilton attempts a spinning back elbow. Back to the clinch, knee from Kenney. Well-timed double-leg puts Hamilton on his back and Kenney takes half guard. Two minutes to go.

Not much going on from top position. Hamilton looks for a kimura with a minute to go. Kenney gets his arm free and spins to the back. One hook in. 10-9 Kenney.

Final result: Kenney def. Hamilton by unanimous decision

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