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Midnight Mania! Canadian Wing Chun artist targets Chinese MMA fighter after knocking out Vietnamese karate black belt

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It’s a cultural mishmash of fighting styles hearkening back to the early days of Mixed Martial Arts, or even before, to a bygone era when karate and kung fu were thought to rule the streets. As reported by, Canadian Wing Chun artist Pierre Francois Flores hopes to take on Xu Xiaodong, the Chinese MMA fighter who recently knocked out a Shaolin master, then was silenced online by the Chinese government. In a weird twist, Flores studies a martial art whose lineage is Chinese, while Xu Xiaodong practices the amalgamation of styles known as MMA, which was popularized largely in the West.

Pierre made his challenge to Xiaodong after this friendly “martial arts exchange”, in which he knocked out a Vietnamese black belt in karate, Đoàn Bảo Chau. Wing Chun practitioners are generally taught to use kicks below the waist, but Flores knocked out the much smaller Chau using a head kick and follow-up strikes. Flores trains at Shaolin Wing Chun Nam Anh Kung Fu - École mére in Montreal. The two martial artists went to dinner afterwards.

The respect he has is seen in this transcript from his Facebook post after the dinner:

These pictures represent the essence of a true martial art spirit. I was really impressed by Master Đoàn Bảo Chau's noble attitude and great courage, two character traits in which he surpasses most of the practitioners that I have crossed path with. Before and after the fight, I had the chance to converse with other Masters who accompanied Master Đoàn Bảo Chau and I was equally impressed by them because of their profound understanding of martial arts. Through this exchange, I have gained new brothers and I have a great admiration for the martial art community in Hanoi. I would like to express my gratitude to all who were present on this memorable day.

Flores wants to take up Xu’s high-stakes challenge to traditional martial artists, as he feels Xu’s challenge was “necessary awakening in the face of a phenomenon that threatens the credibility of martial arts.”

It remains to be seen if the Chinese government, who shut down Xu’s social media account, will keep the fight from happening. They feel that Chinese martial arts are an important cultural export and have apparently decided that protecting the reputation of traditional martial arts takes priority over the spirit in which those martial arts were often developed, in challenge matches between representatives of various styles.


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He’s too busy enjoying the money he got after this

This fight was ended with punches #tko I just threw in a choke in for fun Just so they no #bereal

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