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Yoel Romero vows to stalk Michael Bisping and become his nightmare, won’t apologize to God for it

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

News Flash: Yoel Romero really dislikes Michael Bisping.

“Solider of God” and “The Count” have been involved in a war of words ever since Romero solidified his status as the No. 1 contender earlier this year. But after Yoel failed to win the interim strap against Robert Whittaker at UFC 213 a few weeks ago, that potential fight went up in smoke.

But Romero’s hatred for Bisping did not, as the hulking Middleweight says he is still hellbent on putting hands on “The Count” down the road. And he will follow him everywhere he goes in order to pick a fight.

“Everywhere he stay, I go. When he got to the press conference, I am there. When he goes to where Jonny Jones and Danny fight, I go there. When he goes to UFC FOX, I go, too. Everywhere he stays, I go. I want to be his nightmare,” said Romero during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour.

“I want to say sorry to God, but I can’t with this one,” said Yoel, about his disdain toward Bisping. When asked if he’s afraid of what he would do to Michael if he did indeed see him face-to-face, Romero said he’s more anxious than anything, as he’ll feel good with what happens next, though he didn’t give details.

For Romero, Bisping crossed the line when he tore a Cuban flag and threw it at him during his fight against Whittaker (see it). For his part “Soldier of God” responded by burning a picture of the brash Brit holding up a British flag.

“I want to fight Bisping. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the belt or not belt, I want to fight this guy. He no respect my country or my flag. Somebody need to close this man’s mouth, He talked a lot and not paid back. I need him to pay, ‘he added. “A fight is a fight, but nobody can talk a lot of shit about your country or your family. that is a serious, serious problem.”

Still, it would be in Romero’s best interest to control his emotions should he ever find himself staring down Bisping, as Cris Cyborg recently found out firsthand after she let her emotions get the best of her when confronting Angela Magana.

That said, Romero has one parting shot for Bisping: “Hey Mike, if you see or hear this interview, I want to say something. Fuck you, I will see you soon, boy.”

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