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UFC Glasgow results: Cynthia Calvillo stays undefeated in controversial decision over Joanne Calderwood

MMA: UFC 210-Calvillo vs Gonzalez Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Joanne Calderwood and Cynthia Calvillo met in a catchweight bout of 118 pounds today (Sun., July 16, 2017) with the UFC Fight Night 113 mixed martial arts (MMA) event on FOX Sports 1 from inside the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland.

Undefeated 5-0 prospect Cynthia Calvillo stepped into hostile territory against native Scotswoman, the soft-spoken but hard-hitting Joanne Calderwood. Calderwood, a standup specialist training out of Tristar, missed weight by two pounds, coming in at 118 pounds. Calvillo, a Team Alpha Male standout, specializes in grappling, her two UFC wins coming via rear-naked choke. Calderwood was looking to bounce back from a submission loss to top contender Jessica Andrade.

Calderwood came out pressuring, throwing out front kicks. Calvillo shot in and got ahold of Calderwood’s waist, but Calderwood was able to palm her head away. Calvillo began feinting, getting the fight into open space. She threw out a couple low kicks. Calderwood connected on a lead hook. Calvillo stepped in with a quick combination and landed a lead hook. Calderwood hit a clever inside low kick. Calderwood timed a teep to keep Calvillo on the outside. The crowd made up for a slow-paced first round with an slow-building, rousing cheer. Calvillo shot and got Calderwood down, immediately taking her back. Calderwood reversed into top position, but Calvillo immediately attempted an armbar. She swept Calderwood and tried to break her grip, but just as she did the bell sounded to end the round.

The second round began with Calderwood timing the teep again to keep Calvillo outside. Calderwood landed a steady diet of lead kicks to the legs and body. Calvillo landed a nice hook. Calvillo stepped in with a rear hand to the body, then another and a hook that landed to Calderwood’s head. Calderwood dropped Cynthia momentarily with a teep to the body. Calderwood was keeping up the pressure, and when Calvillo shot in she pushed away and landed a nice body kick on the break. They both threw spinning back elbows and Calderwood connected with hers. Calvillo landed a couple good hooks in open space. Calderwood landed a nice jab. Calvillo hit a hook. As the round wound down Calvillo caught a kick and returned with a hook. Calderwood continued to press forward and landed another body kick.

Calderwood opened up with a steady stream of long-range kicks to all levels to open the third round. She continued to press forward, leaning back to avoid a head kick. Calvillo bounced around, looking to dart in with hooks while Calderwood landed her jabs and kicks. Joanne timed an up-elbow as Calvillo darted in again. Calderwood landed a nice lead leg head kick and Calvillo got aggressive, connecting with a couple hooks. Calderwood framed away a takedown attempt. Calvillo got a takedown with thirty seconds to go and attacked Calderwood’s back immediately. Calderwood put her weight back on Calvillo and threw a couple punches over her shoulder. Calvillo dug in a rear-naked choke with ten seconds to go but had no time to lock it in. That was a close bout.

The crowd booed loudly as the results were read. Calvillo was defiant in the post-fight interview, saying she isn’t here to play Calderwood’s game. 30-27 Calvillo is not a justifiable score at all, but overall it was a close fight and tough to score. Calvillo stays undefeated as a professional, and clearly has a bright future ahead.

Final result: Cynthia Calvillo def. Joanne Calderwood by unanimous decision (30-27x2, 29-28)

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