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UFC Glasgow results: Jack Marshman edges past resilient Ryan Janes

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Lewis vs Browne Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Marshman and Ryan Janes, UFC middleweights, faced off today (Sun., July 16, 2017) with the UFC Fight Night 113 mixed martial arts (MMA) event on FOX Sports 1 from inside the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland

Jack Marshman is 1-1 in the UFC, his most recent fight a loss to Thiago Santos. Ryan Janes is also 1-1, mostly recently losing by submission to Gerald Meerschaert.

Marshman opened the fight pressuring Janes, marching forward to land combination punches inside. The taller Janes threw kicks and attempted to counter with straight shots. He kept changing directions, moving laterally to stay off the cage. Marshman connected on two hooks in a combination. Janes exchanged with him and ate an uppercut. Marshman had the clear advantage in the pocket, landing nicely with a combination, then a minute later with another lead uppercut. Janes landed a hook but there wasn’t much on it. Marshman snapped his head back with another combination, but Janes seemed unfazed by Marshman’s power, even stepping forward to pressure a bit himself. He landed a kick. They began trading in the pocket and Marshman’s punches had much more visible effect, though they both landed. Janes punched into the clinch, landing a nice hook, and pushed Marshman against the fence as the round ended.

Janes opened the second round with a high switch kick that fell short, then landed a couple lead leg kicks off the arms of Marshman. Marshman landed to the body as he got his pressure game going. Janes caught him with a rear straight. Marshman landed that rear straight to the ribcage again. Janes landed a nice jab. Now Janes is the one pressuring. Marshman snaps off a couple nice jabs of his own. Marshman stepped in with two hooks that fell short. They jabbed at each other, both men connecting. Marshman landed an overhand flush. Janes stepped in for a medium shot to the body, eating a hook on the way in but pinning Marshman to the cage. He landed a couple knees and the referee called for more. He looked for a single-leg, but Marshman held his arms up with an overhook. Janes landed some nice dirty boxing shots. Marshman framed his head away with a forearm and turned that into an elbow. They separated, Janes connecting off the break with long hooks. Marshman stepped in and connected with another combination of hooks to the head.

The third round opened with an exchange, Janes connecting with a rockaway rear straight but Marshman landing a hook. Marshman had taken the center of the cage again. Janes connected with a couple nice combinations. He feinted his way forward, looking for openings. He found another nice lead hook. Marshman was missing on his hooks a bit more, but still moving well. Janes landed a leg kick but ate a body hook. They exchanged, on far more even terms than the first round. Janes was moving forward, looking for counters and pressuring. He landed a counter body kick to Janes’ attempted hook. Marshman landed a nice jab, then a hook as Janes moves forward. Janes responded with aggression, snapping Marshman’s head back and fighting into a brief clinch exchange. They stop to pick up Marshman’s mouthpiece. They exchanged, and both fighters connected. Janes had Marshman’s back against the fence as he pressured, and they punched into the sound of the final bell.

The judges all saw it the way of the Welshman, Jack Marshman, who said in the post-fight interview that he thought he nicked it two rounds to one. He said Janes’ ability to take a shot surprised him.

Final result: Jack Marshman def. Ryan Janes by unanimous decision (29-28x3)

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