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Conor McGregor reacts to Floyd Mayweather’s anti-gay slur: ‘People are so touchy on words’

Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor-World Tour Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout a four-day, four-city press conference extravaganza that stretched all the way from Los Angeles to London, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor combined for 236 total curses. The insults ranged anywhere from racial innuendos to countless uses of the word “bitch,” but the most recent verbal assault came at the hands of Mayweather when he called McGregor a “f*ggot” during Friday’s press conference in England (highlights here).

While many concerned people within the combat sports community cringed at the unnecessary remarks, McGregor didn’t even hear it and doesn’t really care.

“People are so touchy on words. It’s absolutely crazy,” McGregor told MMAjunkie backstage following London’s presser. “If he said that, I couldn’t give a (expletive). I think what he was trying to do was to switch it up and get the people back in his favor. I think it was a bit of a (expletive) move to try and instigate that on me.

“Everyone with a sane mind that is watching knows what way it is. It is what it is. Some dirty tactics out there, but that’s what to expect. The fight game is a ruthless business.”

Most of the over-the-top antics throughout this insane world tour have been dished out by McGregor, but this time it is Mayweather who crossed the line. McGregor was toned down a little bit for his European fan base compared to the other three stops this past week, yet still held is own during the fourth and final press conference.

If these two can exchange inside of the ring as half as good as they do on the microphone, Aug. 26th in Las Vegas may very well live up to the hype.

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