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Showtime exec shuts down Dana White, highlights main reason why most UFC fighters are so unhappy

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is gleefully carrying bags for Conor McGregor as the promotion’s lightweight champion travels around the world to promote his upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight in August.

It’s almost like that time he tagged along with Chuck Liddell in PRIDE and I have a feeling the outcome might be similar.

Anyway, White had plenty to complain about after “Notorious” took the stage in Brooklyn, New York, stop No. 3 in the “Money Fight” World Tour Press Conference (watch it), due to audio issues and a general lack of structure.

White has long warned about the global “shit show.”

But not everyone is on board with White’s assessment. In fact, Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza believes White and Co. have it backwards, both strategically and philosophically, because the emphasis is on the UFC brand and not the individual fighters.

None of whom seem to be very happy these days.

From MMA Fighting:

“Dana has come in with very strong ideas about how he likes press conferences run. From our perspective, the way he runs press conferences deemphasizes the fighters. It emphasizes Dana. That’s backwards. I understand that might be great for the UFC brand but our goal, strategically and philosophically, is to try to place the fighters at the center of the promotion.”

The “Warrior King” who never was?

White was instrumental in getting the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight done, but will have to take a back seat to Showtime, charged with running the “Sin City” pay-per-view (PPV) next month in Las Vegas, Nevada (because of this).

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