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Tony Ferguson calls out Team Tiramisu, wants to send Khabib Nurmagomedov back into hiding

I had no idea there was a Team Tiramisu, but if they open a gym near my house, I’ll sure as shit sign up.

That’s assuming Khabib Nurmagomedov isn’t “hiding” at that location, since Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender Tony Ferguson is kicking down doors looking for him.

Probably because “El Cucuy” is still miffed that “The Eagle” left him high and dry at UFC 209, after failing to make weight and (allegedly) gorging on sweet Italian desserts prior to fight night.

From his conversation with Submission Radio:

“Well, Ali Abdelaziz says, ‘just wait your four months,’ you know, ‘just lay low’. I’m like, fuck you, I’m not laying low, I’m staying busy. I’m gonna get back out there, I’m making some new friends, I’m out there doing my thing, I’m hustling, man. My division is 155-pound division. I’ve cleaned it out. If they want to throw another person at me, I have no problem with it, but there have been no talks. There have been zero talks, zero interest. Nobody wants a champ training out of their garage to beat a fucking guy like Khabib. I get it. But old boy was gonna get fucking beat by a guy that trained in his fucking garage. Straight up. This is a Clubber Lang/Rocky story and I’m not gonna stop anytime soon. Let’s push it, let’s get the fans interested in it. Let’s put fear back in Khabib and team Tiramisu back where they belong, man, back in hiding.”

Nurmagomedov denied any involvement in custard-gate.

After the UFC 209 debacle, Ferguson was expected to move on to fight reigning lightweight champion Conor McGregor; however, “Notorious” was able to finagle a boxing super fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and will be unavailable until December.

Until then, all “El Cucuy” can do is wait ... and wait ... and wait ...

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