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Floyd Mayweather drapes himself in Irish flag, Conor McGregor steals his backpack in response

Conor McGregor is no stranger to grabbing stuff up during press conferences, but this time it was to stop Floyd Mayweather from messing with the Irish flag.

The second Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor press conference just went down in Toronto, and it looks like the two fighters are now fully warmed up and comfortable throwing endless insults at each other. McGregor went first and threw shade at Floyd for everything from his strip club in Vegas to his inability to read. He also made fun of Mayweather for dressing like a four year old, complete with a backpack.

The backpack had made an appearance in Los Angeles as Floyd pulled a paycheck for $100 million from the Pacquiao fight out of it. It showed up again in Toronto for less clear reasons, but when Floyd grabbed an Irish flag from the audience, McGregor got up and grabbed Mayweather's bag.

This isn’t the first time McGregor has gotten grabby during press conferences. He infamously snatched up Jose Aldo’s featherweight title in Brazil, leading to a near brawl. He did the same in New York leading up to UFC 205, picking up Eddie Alvarez’s lightweight title.

"That's it? That's it?" McGregor exclaimed as he pawed through the contents. "There's about five grand in here! F**k me. Just know you do something with that flag, you ain't getting this bag or this money and I'm going to f**k you up on this stage!"

Mayweather eventually handed the flag over to McGregor, who then threw it rather unceremoniously back at the boxer. He did put the bag down though, which I'm sure was disappointing for a Toronto crowd eager to try and get their hands at $5000 bucks, and in nice valuable US currency to boot.

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