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Video: Floyd Mayweather refutes tax crisis, opens ‘Money’ man-bag to produce crumpled, $100 million check from 2015

Undefeated boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. is laughing at reports that he’s broke and needs to box Conor McGregor to get out of tax debt.

No, seriously, he was laughing as he boarded his private jet in Los Angeles, Calif., where “Money” appeared to promote his Conor McGregor boxing match, taking place next month inside T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watch the video replay of his world tour press conference here.

As for his 2015 tax bill?

The IRS is complaining that Mayweather needs to pay off his balance ASAP and because he has plenty of money, does not want to issue an installment plan or wait around for the aging pugilist to settle his bill.

“Why use my money investments?” Mayweather asked Fight Hype. “Why liquidate anything when I can just use the new money?”

McGregor is not convinced.

“I still have all my properties,” Mayweather continued. “My money investments still come in, I’m still on private jets, still got my staff, I’m happy, so we’re doing fine.”

And he has a crumpled up $100 million check from 2015 to prove it.

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