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Floyd Mayweather claims he’s the IRS, will tax ‘bitch’ Conor McGregor’s ass on Aug. 26

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Boxing: Mayweather vs McGregor-World Tour Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Fake news?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is claiming Floyd Mayweather Jr. owes it quite a bit of coin for back taxes owed. Allegedly, “Money” has asked for an extension to pay off his debt until after he throws down with Conor McGregor in a boxing super fight that is scheduled to go down on Aug. 26, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

That’s because Floyd and Conor are set to bank the big bucks once the dust settles in “Sin City.” Still, in an attempt to erase any and all doubt that he doesn’t have the “Money” to pay off his debt, Floyd took to Instagram to prove he has paid more than $26 million for his 2015 taxes.

Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, especially when it comes to media in this country. While everyone is counting my money and assuming the worst, these are the facts... Uncle Sam, received $26 million from me in 2015! What else could they possibly want? I'm sure I would have been notified much sooner if there were any real discrepancies right? Bottom line, everybody just wants to be a part of the "Money May" show, including the IRS! That's fine, you can crunch numbers all day but in the end, my empire is rock solid and intact! Now Calculate That!


Of course, no one collects massive checks quite like Mayweather, banking more money than any other athlete in 2015 according to Forbes. And 2017 is expected to be quite lucrative for Mayweather, as well, as just one fight against McGregor -- the biggest money-making machine in mixed martial arts (MMA) -- is expected to earn him well over $100 million.

Still, during today’s (Tues. July 11, 2017) first leg of the ‘Mayweather vs. McGregor’ press tour inside Staples Center in Los Angles, Calif., McGregor (once again) mocked “Money” for his tax troubles after he flashed an un-cashed $100 million check.

“He’s in a fucking track suit, he can’t even afford a suit anymore. His Rolls is a 2012 outside. He is fucked!” said Conor, who suggested Floyd cash that check to pay Uncle Sam back.

Naturally, Mayweather didn’t take the comments lying down.

“I’m the IRS and I’m going to tax your ass,” he said. “We knew I was the ‘A’ side since my name is first. And we knew I was the ‘A’ side, that’s why this bitch had to come to the boxing ring.”

“Money” went on to downplay Conor’s $3 million paydays from UFC, saying that’s in line with what he spends for his training camps alone. “This bitch made $3 million for his last fight, but that’s training camp money for me,” concluded Mayweather.

To see the first staredown between McGregor and Mayweather click here. And for a full video replay of today’s proceedings click here.