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Midnight Mania! Nick Diaz smokes blunt just hours after USADA suspension

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Nick Diaz doesn’t seem too concerned about his recent suspension for failure to provide whereabouts to USADA three times in a year.

In fact, he can be seen on TMZ rolling and smoking a blunt like he doesn’t have a care in the world about the draconian drug-testing restrictions of USADA. Behind him, ladies in dresses relax around a pool. It seems all the money the pot industry is throwing at Nick and his brother Nate has Diaz pretty relaxed about all this. That, and the weed, of course.

@flavrxtracts #canabis #

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We will always appreciate Nick Diaz for the incredible entertainment he provided, in the cage and out. He has earned the right to smoke his blunt in peace

Who could forget this classic gogoplata, which was overturned for (you guessed it) weed.

He could probably use another year off anyway...


Conor McGregor is claiming Floyd Mayweather is slow. Or maybe he just means Mayweather is in trouble. Or literally sinking in a viscous mix of sand and water. Whatever way he means it, that is, to borrow the colloquialism, rich.

Jon Fitch is pretty happy about his win in the nascent Professional Fight League, formerly known as World Series of Fighting (WSOF)

Even better than Renan Barao and almost as good as Bethe Correira in the victory dance rankings. Nowhere close to Georges St. Pierre or Mike Perry, though.

Mike Tyson doesn’t even look mildly concerned. He might even fall asleep standing up.

I love this caption by Mark Hunt- “O no not the krav maga”

I had not seen this before. Gilbert Yvel knocked a referee out cold

Good Reads

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

I hope you are okay with a lot of knockout and submission clips today, because it’s Friday again.


Getting stopped with one second left is always heartbreaking

Yes, this is a gorgeous head kick.

He seems surprised and outraged he is being choked. What’s the greater story here?

What a counter

Haha I get it, ONE Punch KO

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