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Justine Kish says Dana White offered ‘discretionary bonus’ after soiling herself at UFC Fight Night 112

Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

Justine Kish ran into some serious trouble at UFC Fight Night 112 late last month. Not only did the UFC women’s strawweight nearly get choked out by opponent Felice Herrig, but she soiled her shorts while trying to defend the submission. Kish eventually lost the bout via unanimous decision and has been forced to play damage control after pooping all over the Octagon canvas.

Luckily for the 29-year-old, who lost her first professional fight at UFC Fight Night 112, UFC president Dana White understands her struggles and ultimate humiliation.

“He [White] called me the day after the fight. He checked in on me, made sure I was OK. He realized there was a little bit of humiliation behind what happened,” Kish told The Domenick Nati Show. “He gave me some encouragement. He said, ‘You fought like hell out there. Loved how you owned up to it.’

“I was in a dark area for a few hours.”

Kish did fight like hell. The talented strawweight refused to tap while Herrig applied a rear-naked choke that could have brought down a wild boar. And even though Kish left Oklahoma a loser on the scorecards, she’ll reportedly be compensated for her efforts and unusual in-cage accident.

“The other thing that’s nice is that Dana hinted is that I have a discretionary bonus, a gift, for my performance,” Kish said. “The UFC’s very good at giving little secret bonuses — at least to me — here and there. I didn’t ask and I didn’t pry how much it’s going to be or anything, so we’ll see. I’ll find out in a few weeks.”

Sounds about right. Kish soiled her self in front of countless UFC fans as a result of pushing through a perfected submission attempt and not giving up. It only makes sense for UFC to extend its hand out and help the 115-pound contender through this rather embarrassing chapter of her career.

With a little extra money in her pocket, it will probably be easier for Kish to get back into training, prepare for her next fight in 2017, and put this entire ordeal behind her.

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