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PFL ‘Fitch vs Foster’ recap with results, .gifs and video highlights

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Professional Fighters League ‘Fitch vs Foster’ took place June 30, 2017 at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla. MMA Mania brings you a post-fight recap of all the action!

Professional Fighters League
Professional Fighters League

Professional Fighters League “Fitch vs. Foster” took place last night (Fri., June 30, 2017) at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla. The inaugural show for the former World Series of Fighting (WSOF) promotion brought a four-fight card to race fans who were already there for the Coca-Cola Firecracker 250 NASCAR XFINITY Series race.

Headlining the show was a welterweight bout between former WSOF welterweight champion Jon Fitch and former lightweight No. 1 contender Brian Foster in a bout that would see the two vie for the No. 1 ranking in the newly formed PFL welterweight division.

You could call this one a “slobberknocker” with no exaggeration. Foster decided to put all his money into his hands, and in each round when he landed a kill shot he would immediately try to grab a submission. The scintillating right he threw in the second round was so hard it buckled Fitch’s legs and gave him an immediate black eye. Unfortunately for Foster it was the desire to submit Fitch that was his undoing, because Fitch scrambled on the ground, put Foster in a tight choke the camera couldn’t even see, and got a lightning quick sub at 3:12 of round two.

After doing a post-fight victory dance while sporting a huge shiner, Fitch spoke to Bas Rutten.

“I call that a ninja choke. You put that in before the guy knows he’s getting choke. He’s going black before he realizes his arm is around his neck. Plans changed. They moved the fight up an hour and a half. When you get in here, this mat is very slippery, it’s very humid. I couldn’t use my in and out stuff that I used very well against Jake Shields in my last fight, so my stand-up was kind of like — what do I do? We get into ground and pound and it’s too slippery to posture up and do anything. He was landing better strikes from his back because I was having to hold onto him to keep him in front of me. So I had to wear him out with my face and then set him up with my choke. I dropped to the ground but I was there the whole time, I just lost my legs for a second.”

Also set for action at PFL’s live event were former WSOF heavyweight champion Smealinho Rama and WSOF 12 fighter Ronny Markes in the first bout for PFL’s light heavyweight division.

Rama opened the fight with some strong combinations standing, effectively pairing left kicks to the body with left hands to the head, jabbing away with the right. The canvas was a slick surface though thanks to inclement weather and that worked in favor of Markes in rounds two and three, as he took Rama down repeatedly and smothered him chest to chest. He’d take full mount, he’d lose it, Rama would briefly scramble and get taken down again.

In the end Markes was given a unanimous decision 29-28 X2 and 30-27 from the judges. Markes and his translator spoke to Bas Rutten after a successful performance in humid Daytona Beach.

“I came ready to work a submission and it was pretty slippery, and with the humidity it did not work in that situation. I was really surprised with my opponent’s game on the ground. He was able to get away from a lot of submissions. He kept his head in the game, never gave up, so it was really hard to (get a submission) and tap him out.”

Two more welterweights looked to establish their credentials and move closer to the top of PFL’s rankings as Joao Zeferino took on a winner of three straight in Herman “The Hitman” Terrado.

Terrado certainly fought like a merciless killer. No matter how hard Zeferino tagged him with shots, Terrado would walk straight through them and respond with even harder blows. The first round was close thanks to a few Zeferino takedowns, but Terrado rocked him in the last 40 seconds, leaving the judges to flip flop on who won the first.

The second round had one of the best moments of the entire card though as Terrado took a step back from a hurt Zeferino and tried to jump over the top for a “Daytona plunge.”

Ultimately the fighters dumped out their entire gas tanks in the third and final round, leaving two exhausted opponents wondering how it was scored and who would emerge with the victory.

Terrado took it on two out of three cards, going 28-29, 29-28 and 30-27 overall. Terrado spoke to “El Guapo” Bas Rutten after an exciting fight.

“I want to give a shout out to my son Victor Terrado. Happy birthday son. I promise I’ll make it up to you, I love you. Woo! That’s how you fight, with heart baby, non-stop. Gamebred! Real fighter! All my fights are the same way, they’re exciting, they’re explosive, you can never count me out. I’ll never quit. I’ll fight to the last breath. I always preach it and I live by it.”

Rounding out the card was a lightweight bout between two WSOF veterans as Caros Fodor and Jason High put on the four ounce gloves for the NASCAR and MMA fans in attendance.

For the first two rounds the all out takedown assault of High was the dominating factor in this fight. In the third round Fodor was finally able to sprawl and stuff a single leg, hurting High badly enough on top that his head was a paintbrush that smeared red artwork on the canvas. He broke the takedown attempt completely with two minutes to go and stayed on top for ground-and-pound until High attempted a very late omoplata as time expired.

Unfortunately for Fodor he needed a finish to win and a 10-8 round to even get a draw, and none of the judges saw that out of the work he did, awarding a 29-28 unanimous decision to High. The victorious High spoke to Bas Rutten immediately after the fight.

“First off, first off, what’s up Daytona? Say whassup, that’s right. Great fans here, I was honored to fight for you guys, so thank you. The humidity is serious here, it makes the cage sweaty, I was having trouble pushing off but, Caros is a tough guy. Respect to him. There’s no competition without your opponent so thank you Caros. He got real slippery real quick. I’m abnormally sweaty I feel like but everybody’s sweaty in this kind of weather.”

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