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Max Holloway says ‘king’ Jose Aldo is still the GOAT despite suffering TKO loss at UFC 212

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MMA: UFC 212-Aldo vs Hollway Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

If you weren’t a Max Holloway fan after he knocked out Jose Aldo at UFC 212 last weekend (Sat., June 3, 2017) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to become the undisputed Featherweight champion -- all while collecting his eleventh straight win — perhaps his message to “Junior” will push you over the edge.

“Blessed” recently took to Instagrammuch like Anderson Silva did — to pay homage to Aldo and all of the things he’s accomplished as the former 145-pound champion.

Losing is part of this fight game. Saturday night takes nothing away from his legacy. This is a guy who would show up to his gym sometimes without eating in the last day because he was so damn poor. This is a guy who built the 45 division and became king. This is a guy who found motivation to keep earning what he already had. He defended his throne. For a decade. For honor. For his team. For his countrymen. This is a guy who didn't start at pole position in this world and look at what he achieved. Brazil needs to celebrate that man. Acai with powered milk and cashews for everyone. He's a GOAT, and his story will always be an inspiration to me and people of Hawaii. Obrigado, Ze @josealdojunioroficial Obrigado.


Aldo’s loss to Holloway is just the second of his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) career, with his previous one coming at the hands of Conor McGregor via 13-second knockout at UFC 194 two years ago. Prior to that, Aldo hadn’t tasted defeat in nearly a decade and defended his UFC Featherweight title nine times (a division record).

And yet, somehow some people think “Notorious” is the best 145-pound fighter of all time even though he never once defended his strap.