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UFC’s Dana White is buying million-dollar mansions in his neighborhood and bulldozing them

Following a massive payout from the recent UFC sale, company president Dana White is looking to expand the size of his residential compound.

UFC 205: Press Conference Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

There goes the neighborhood.

A report from the Las Vegas Review Journal has just revealed that UFC president Dana White has been buying up neighboring mansions in his swanky Tournament Hills neighborhood and getting demolition permits to tear them down. The Journal counts three properties acquired since 2016, all surrounding the 6,000 square-foot home White bought from former UFC owner Frank Fertitta a decade ago.

That purchase, for $1.95 million, came in 2006 after UFC turned a corner financially following the success of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) and became the highly profitable company that just sold for $4 billion last year to WME-IMG. White reportedly earned somewhere in the region of $300 million from that deal, and he's now putting that money to good use building himself a Mark Zuckerberg style compound.

The LVJR has him buying properties in the area for $1.8 million, $2.4 million, and $2 million in October, January and March, respectively. At least one building has already been torn down. Photos accompanying the article feature bulldozers and cranes knocking down others and clearing out the land.

White is probably hoping a little more space between himself and the neighbors will lead to less complaints against him with the home owner's association in the area. He reportedly paid $2,500 in fines a month over a lavish pool with waterslides rather than concede to their demands to tone things down. He's also been known to import massive amounts of snow to dump on his driveway to give his family a white Christmas.

Now he wants to do it all with a bit more privacy, so he’s buying up all the surrounding properties. Just another day in the life of a multi-millionaire ... nothing to see here.

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