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TJ Dillashaw slams ‘b*tch’ Demetrious Johnson for ducking him - ‘It’s kind of embarrassing’

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson recently became the latest fighter on the roster to speak out against the company and its “bully” tactics after company president Dana White called out “Mighty Mouse” for his reluctance to fight T.J. Dillashaw -- the former Bantamweight champion -- in his next title defense.

So how does Dillashaw feel about the situation? He is far from impressed, appearing on Five Rounds podcast with Brett Okamoto to slam Johnson for ducking him and revealing that he doesn’t care one bit about Johnson’s issues with the promotion.

“I understand where he’s coming from with some of it, but a lot of it was a slap in the face to me as well,” said Dillashaw (via MMA Fighting). “Trying to say that I don’t really deserve a title shot, which I think is complete bullcrap. I don’t think there’s anybody in his weight class right now to push him and I’m healthy, I’m in shape, I’m already in the process -- because Dana told me that’s who I’m fighting — of dropping to the weight class. I’m waking up at 143 pounds in the morning so that’s a very, very reachable goal.

For Dillashaw, what got under his skin the most was that Johnson tried to downplay his accomplishments — or lack-thereof — when he made his case to pump the brakes on the bout in favor of Ray Borg.

“So for him to go and discredit my name and the things that I’ve accomplished just to not be worthy of a title shot kind of pissed me off a little bit,” he said. “And it’s kind of embarrassing to have him go and call himself the GOAT, to be the greatest of all time, and turning down fights because he’s scared to fight.

“He can say whatever he wants to say about all his other issues he has and being bullied -- which, I don’t understand how the greatest of all time gets bullied -- but it all comes down to him being scared of me beating him,” Dillashaw continued. “He knows that I’m a bad match up for him and that it’s a fight that he does not want.”

At the end of the day “Viper” feels Johnson’s decision to speak up against UFC boils down to the fact that he’ll do anything to avoid fighting him

“Don’t be scared,” he advised. “To me it’s like, you’re being a bitch about it. Tell the truth. You’re talking about how you don’t want to fight me for all these other reasons, but really you don’t want to fight me because you’re scared. Guess what man? You’re the greatest of all time. Put it out there. This is gonna be a historical event for you to try to break your record, let’s make this the real deal.

“Let’s make it against an opponent that’s gonna sell some pay-per-views, that’s gonna be a big draw,” he continued. “It’s just frustrating to see him backpedaling from this and it’s embarrassing for the sport for the greatest of all time to be avoiding the fight the way he is.”

For Dillashaw, the best advice he can give Johnson is to fight, and by doing so, all of his issues — or at least most of them — will take care of themselves should he step up and deliver like he’s done time and time again to the tune of 11 straight title defenses.

“I feel like him fighting me will be able to fix a lot of his problems. He will get a pay-per-view cut. He’s actually gonna make the paychecks he’s earned. He is pound-for-pound best fighter in the world right now, and I think this is the fight to get him paid.”

As for potentially breaking the title defense record — which one more win would accomplish that for Johnson — Dillashaw says it will have an asterisk by his name if he ultimately decides not to take this fight.

“If he doesn’t step up I think a lot of people are gonna have to put an asterisk next to his record of beating Anderson Silva’s streak as well as being called the greatest of all time. I really think it’s kind of a chicken shit move to bail out of this fight.”

And to add insult to insult, Dillashaw took to social media to question “Mighty Mouse’s” moniker.

Which happens to be much nicer than the original tweet he deleted ...

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