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Ricky Hatton: It will be ‘embarrassing’ for UFC when Conor McGregor doesn’t lay a glove on Floyd Mayweather

MMA: UFC 196-McGregor vs Diaz Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Two different sports, two entirely different beasts.

That’s the popular theme often discussed when chatting up a bout between Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight champion Conor McGregor and the best boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather ... or any other MMA fighter vs. boxer match up for that matter.

But, just how much of a difference is it when a novice boxer -- who excels in mixed martial arts (MMA) — steps into the ring against someone like “Money?” According to one boxing legend who knows first hand what it’s like to face Mayweather, if he and two other boxing icons couldn't lay a glove on Mayweather, then “Notorious” is in for one long and embarrassing night.

"I couldn't hit him. Oscar [De La Hoya] couldn't hit him. Canelo [Alvarez] couldn't hit him. Conor's not going to hit him," Ricky Hatton — who was knocked out by Floyd back in 2007 — told TMZ via

In all fairness, “The Golden Boy” did put hands on Mayweather and some even say he should’ve earned the decision victory back in 2007.

Hatton, who supports UFC’s endeavors 100 percent, says could also come out embarrassed if the biggest name in the sport can’t hang with the best boxer of our generation.

"If he's the UFC's biggest name and he doesn't lay a glove on Floyd -- which no disrespect, I could actually see that happen -- I think there is only one organization that is going to come off worse or one sport."

Daniel Cormier agrees with you, “Hitman.”

Still, Ricky won’t hide his fandom for all things UFC and McGregor and is even rooting for the Irishman to put a good beating on “Money.” But, if he were a betting man, all his coin would be on Mayweather to win.

"I am a boxer, but I am fan of UFC. But, if he is UFC's biggest name and what I think happens in the fight, happens in the fight, it could be a bit embarrassing and I wouldn't like to see that happen to Conor, because I love him to bits. I think he is good for sports, good for entertainment,” he added. "If the truth be known, I would like Conor to splatter him. My heart says it, but my mind says no, he probably wouldn't [beat him],” Hatton concluded.

For his part, McGregor has already signed his end of the deal, while Mayweather has proclaimed time and again that he will soon do the same and deliver the blockbuster crossover clash that all fight fans are eager to see.

Can’t say the same for rival promoters, though.

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