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‘King Ghost’ Conor McGregor shares photos of his Mayweather training camp

Conor McGregor seems pleased with his boxing progress in these latest photos he shared of his training.


With just 58 days between now and Conor McGregor's boxing superfight against Floyd Mayweather, the Irish lightweight UFC champion is currently hard at work in his training camp. We know this because his head coach John Kavanagh is so happy with their progress that he's declared Conor could be ready to beat Floyd in just three more weeks.

But we also know McGregor is sharpening his boxing skills to a razor's edge because he hasn't been shy about sharing photos of his practices. Often with very McGregor captions. Take a look:

McGregor seems pleased with his ability to stay out of his opponent's reach, which is somewhat interesting considering many expected him to concentrate on managing to hit Mayweather. It's just the latest sign that seems to suggest we shouldn't assume anything when it comes to this fight. We assumed it wasn't going to happen, and Conor proved us wrong. Now we assume he can't defend against Mayweather's attacks. I'm still pretty dubious on that point, but I guess we'll see.

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